Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Have a Little Faith in Me

Hello, my dear readers. I apologize for being a bit lax in terms of updating the blog. I have been muy (that's "very" in Spanish) busy as of late. I've actually been working hard to launch my new business ... my RL friends know all about it (I'm probably driving them a bit crazy) ... its actually Bon Jovi-inspired! There will be much more on that later.

But, in the meantime, that's why I have been missing-in-action for the last couple of weeks and will probably continue to be a bit scattered. But, have no fear ... have a little faith in me ... I will always return to you and to Bon Jovi, of course.

Ahhh, speaking of "Have a Little Faith in Me" ... I can never say that phrase without thinking of this performance. I'm not sure it falls in the "legendary performance" category, but its damn good. The video clip is from the Minneapolis show during the Bounce tour - an absolutely awesome night when they threw an acoustic set into the middle of the show. (Umm..note to JBJ ... feel free to do that again ... like in Vegas in a few weeks. HINT!) I must say, the songs Jon Bon Jovi chooses to cover are always truly great, great songs.

(this is another Julie in South America video ...
I swear the girl has everything ever recorded!)

The man is just ridiculously good -- the part at around 2:25 where he sings the eighth notes and is just slightly behind the beat ... OMG! Perfect. When Jon sings like that, you can just feel it ... and damn, how could you not have faith in him? Lordy, lordy!

Okay ... gotta go for now. Work. Work. Work.

P.S. For those who don't know, the song was written by the amazing John Hiatt. You should check out his work (especially "Feels Like Rain") if you aren't familiar with him.

P.S.2. There was a great article about David's Toxic Avenger in my Google alerts today. My favorite line was about David, "who wrote the music to the show and also moonlights as the keyboard player for a small Jersey band called Bon Jovi." LOL