Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blame Jon - Part 659

Well, this has been one helluva Joviweek, huh? I do love when a new record comes out ... all the new songs ... the new artwork ... the new tour ... the exhausting press schedule. I can't imagine how tired the guys are considering I'm absolutely beat from just the few events that I went to.

But, then again ... they didn't have to stand out in the cold and rain on Friday for FOUR hours ... LOL. (Blame Jon.)

So, yes ... I went ... I waited ... I conversed ... and I ... left. LOL

The wait really wasn't so bad because my friend J and I were having a good time chatting. She and I met ever-so-briefly at the Central Park concert. A fellow NYC dweller, we passed the time very quickly catching up on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of city life.

Finally at around 5:15pm they started letting small batches of us in. J and I were about 30 people back - right behind these sleazy professional autograph seekers who were trying to sell the blue wristbands to people for $150.

Unfortunately, despite my informing more than one security guard person of their shady dealings (including bringing in a whole posse of extra "workers" with various things from posters to the dolls -- I mean figurines -- to old records, etc.) ... the schmucks still got thru the line MORE THAN ONCE and got all the things they wanted signed. I must say that I was QUITE pissy about the whole thing - especially as Best Buy was so anal about all the rules and regulations surrounding this event. ARGH!!!

Ok ... rant over ... not gonna let that ruin the experience right? breathe ... breathe ... breathe ...

Anyway, back to the story.

So, though the whole thing went down pretty fast, I felt I did "okay" in terms of my time with the guys. I was able to speak to each one of them individually ...

First up was Tico, who didn't look up at first but when he did, immediately noticed my pendant. (I did that on purpose) and smiled and commented and I thanked him for creating it. (I LOOOVE the Rock Star Baby Line ... thank goodness my crazy German girls always buy things for me *muah*)

Then was David ... who I thanked specifically for writing "Memphis" ... its a great show and I plan to see it several more times.

Next was Richie ... who I thanked for his work with Memorial Sloan-Kettering. I have been in and out of that place for over a decade. What he's doing there is very personal for me. Not sure how much he heard -- he really is a bit deaf. That's okay ... his smile more than makes up for it.

Finally, it was Jon ... who I might have shocked a little because he was looking around and I said, quite firmly, "AND YOU, Jon Bon Jovi!" (at which point he DID look at me.)

I told Jon not to be sad about the Soul, that it was an amazing ride and in the end "Destination ArenaBowl: Mission Accomplished." (yes, I do believe he does remember that sign ... he should after all those times. Poor guy. LOL)

He said, "we did it, baby" and we fist bumped and that was it.

Four hours of waiting. Fourteen seconds with the whole band. Next time, I'd like the times reversed, please. Haha.

In any case, here are some more crappy photos from my cell phone. (By the way, the picture situation was horrendous and terribly and UNFAIRLY managed. Seems those at the front of the line were not allowed to take pictures, but those farther back were. So much for rules. ARGH!)

Anyway... the finished product.

Seriously, it was quite the scene ... the guys there, Bon Jovi music blaring over the speakers, the dvd playing on every screen on the wall ... ahhh ... that MUST be what heaven is like!

that's Jon ... really it is ... look for the light ... LOL

and a better picture from one of the fan club girls ...

In the end, would I do it again? Absofrickinlutely!

But, can't focus on that now ... gotta figure out what I'm going to wear to tomorrow's shindig at Alice Tully (more on my funny history in that venue later.) Fiction Mistress and I are going to have a fantastic time ... I can just feel it. :-)