Friday, February 12, 2010

Day Two in Paradise - Show #1


Hello hello hello ... greetings once again from The Rainbow State (or as I prefer to call it "The Land of Many a Mai Tai" LOL)

Well, day two brought more of what we had in day one -- sun, sand, surf, shopping -- with the exception of just one thing ...

THE FIRST BON JOVI SHOW OF THE CIRCLE TOUR! (well ... sort of I guess ... it counts doesn't it? its on the t-shirt)

Well, many of you followed me thru the show during the play-by-play on Twitter ... I very much appreciate all the great comments (yes, even the "I hate you" ones. LOL)

There is no doubt in my mind that this tour is going to rock! Jon Bon Jovi truly still is the best frontman in the business - his ability to work a venue is outstanding, his energy level onstage unparalleled. Even having seen this band so so many times, it just never gets old. And as a result, the fans feel like they never get old either. My heart still beats faster when the lights go down. My face still hurts from smiling so wide. Luckily, I have learned to protect my voice while still being able to sing thru the whole show. And when its over ... I still just sit grinning like a fool for the whole ride home. May that NEVER change.

As y'all have heard by now, the setlist was incredible - at one point (during Roulette) I gave David this total look of "oh my goodness, what the f--K?!" and he proceeded to laugh at me. Thanks, Davey.

The arena, as expected, is quite small in comparison to what we are used to. Considering its Hawaii, the concourses around the venue are all open-air. Fiction Mistress and I took advantage of that to have some wine (ugh ... arena wine ... its bad EVERYWHERE) and catch up with some of the girls doing the fan club trip.

Though we weren't sitting together, FM and I were both in the third row - me on Richie's side - and she on the aisle between Jon and Bobby. My friend B, however, was dead center front row ... so, here's what she got in terms of video :-)

See, I told you! If you followed me on Twitter during the show, I mentioned that there were some "odd" parts during Love's the Only Rule ... BUT the transition back to the chorus after the "hallelujah, halle halle part" was INCREDIBLE. The video catches it very well, but live it was absolutely amazing.

Anyway, I am going to run for now. But, I'll be back in a bit with more of my thoughts about last night - and prep for tonight's show.

P.S. For the two or three of you who haven't seen the setlist yet ... here it is.

* Blood on Blood
* We Weren't Born to Follow
* Bad Name
* Born to be My Baby
* Roulette
* Shot Through the Heart
* When We Were Beautiful
* Whole lot of Leavin'
* Superman Tonight
* We Got It Goin' On
* It's My Life
* Bad Medicine
* Make a Memory
* Diamond Ring
* Bed of Roses
* Work for the Working Man
* Have a Nice Day
* Who Says You Can't Go Home
* Loves the Only Rule
* Tokyo Road
* Wanted Dead or Alive
* Livin' On A Prayer

P.S.2. Here's a few pictures from FM's stash ...