Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Will I see David? Tomorrow.

So, I'm a little excited about tomorrow ... can you tell? Why, you ask? Because tomorrow I'm going to the first night of previews of David Bryan's musical "The Toxic Avenger."

So ... I thought I would take this opportunity to maybe spotlight our favorite curly-haired, power-singing, joke-cracking keyboard player.

Though I don't write about him often, I have always had a special connection with David - maybe its the classically-trained musician/Juilliard thing - though in all honesty, I sometimes believe its GOOD that he didn't go to Juilliard. Why? Well, besides the obvious (that he chose to join Jon Bon Jovi and the rock-n-roll circus, etc. etc. etc.) ... but because I would have hated to see his sense of humor get squashed. I love his sense of humor - dry, very intellectual and sometimes downright silly. (Remember those Richie and David moments from the New Jersey videos VHS?!) Now, don't get me wrong - there's a lot of things I liked about Juilliard, but I wouldn't call it one of the most open, laugh-inducing places. On the other hand, he could have really loosened up the joint.

I also have an incredible respect for the time, effort and money he's put into keeping music in the public schools. Like David, I came from the public school system and had an absolutely incredible musical education (Mr. Crews - where are you now? I owe everything to you!) In any case, I applaud David wholeheartedly and hope he inspires more professional musicians to stand up and speak.

But, back to the musical. I have been a big fan of musicals since I was a kid (I can thank my parents for taking me to tons of shows) and so, of course, I couldn't miss tomorrow night. I will be "Twittering" from the show - at least at the beginning and during intermission, so tune in to see what's going on. (You can follow me on Twitter - just look at the upper left side of this blog.)

And what's additionally exciting is that his other show, "Memphis" is coming up right behind. There have been a lot of clips of this floating around. Here's my favorite one so far.

Now, DAMN, that's a song! That show is gonna take Broadway by storm - I truly believe that.


Okay ...okay ... I know I already had submitted this post and now I've updated it ... but I just simply couldn't NOT post this clip too. I mean, seriously, just listen to this ... it kicks a$$.