Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bon Jovi in the Buckeye State

Greetings readers! Hope this finds you well ... sorry it's been so long. I'm ridiculously far behind on posting pictures and reviews from the last couple of weeks. Oops.

Well, while I get my act together, I thought I'd post some images from the Columbus show last night.

This show was all about seeing Bon Jovi with my mom. We hadn't seen a show together since the Blossom one (the Jukes *ahhhh*) So, given it was a couple of days after Mother's Day and this was the only other Ohio show, I knew I had to treat her ... I even (only slightly reluctantly) agreed to forgo pit tickets so my mom could see Tico close up on the circle (ooops - who knew.) But, we ended up with FANTASTIC circleside (non-package!) seats. THANK YOU to the Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi fan club. :-)

I must say that Jon seemed much more playful than last Saturday night at Mohegan Sun. (I promise. Those pictures will be posted soon.)

I tend to use the continuous auto-shutter mode during concerts. The only issue -- sometimes my subject goes missing while the camera is snapping away. LOL

With Richie's absence, only Jon has been coming out onto the circle these days. (I've been affectionately calling this the "Music Minus One" tour. By the way, if you haven't checked out videos with Phil X playing, you should. He sounds great.)

As we all know, we love to have those special moments with the guys ... and we are blessed with loving a band that is happy to indulge us with those moments. I was grateful to have two wonderful moments this show. The first being during Bed of Roses when Jon sang a couple of lines to me and then sat down on the circle right in front of me. Here is the last shot I got until my camera decided to spaz out. UGH!

I must say ... Jon on the circle + 26x zoom = *Sigh*

But why is it that no matter how many times I see the band, I still get a little shaky when Jon comes around?

I have always loved the lighting for When We Were Beautiful ...

Many of you have heard about "the dolls" already ... some fans in the pit had Jon and Richie dolls that Jon asked they throw up to the stage. The whole exchange was funny, but to me what stood out was the poignancy of the moment. Jon's love for Richie came thru at several points during the show including during the added lines of IBTFY and a reference during Blood on Blood.

I can't even imagine how much he misses his friend right now.

...and how wonderful that he made sure "Richie" was sitting on his guitar, leaning against Jon's heart ...

Jon came out onto the circle once again during Living on a Prayer. At one point, one of the robotic cameras got a bit frisky with him, focusing in on ... well ... let's just say, Jon exclaimed something like "watch it there, buddy!" Haha.

He continued to make his way around the circle ...

He then arrived in front of me and my mom. He looked at me and smirked and then offered his hand to my mom. *smile* A bit shy, my mom tentatively reached her hand out to him and he grabbed her fingers and held on ... tight. I give my mom credit for not saying "umm...this is nice, but can you go get Tico?" ROFLMAO. But, seriously ... it was a moment neither of us will ever forget. So, I may have bought the tickets, but it was Jon Bon Jovi who really gave my mom such a great Mother's Day present.

Okay, folks...that's it for now. I'll be back soon with Mohegan Sun pictures and a write up of an amazing night in Asbury Park to benefit former Jukes keyboard player Kevin Kavanaugh. And then, get ready! The schedule so far for the rest of May/June? BonJovi 7x ... SSJ/Jukes 6x ... Outside the Box 4x and a show each by Lorenza Ponce, the Early Elton Trio and Elvis Costello.

So much music, so little time!

p.s. Yes, I changed my Twitter handle to @bigapplejen ... why? Because as much as I love Jovi (and I DO!), I also love a lot of other bands and musicians as well. (Also, a couple of the Jukes kept threatening to come up with a new Twitter ID on my behalf. Now THAT could have been scary. LOL)