Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evolution of a Song: KTF

Jungle noises. Maracas. Fireworks. Jon Bon Jovi "dancing." We all know what song I'm referring to, right?

So ... due to unforeseen circumstances (damn financial markets!), I wasn't able to catch the Bon Jovi block on WMMR with Pierre Robert. I was HIGHLY bummed - not only because it was Bon Jovi, but it was Bon Jovi with PIERRE - who I absolutely love - and the guest appearance by Obie just added icing on the cake.

As you probably know, Obie was on to debut the new Jon Bon Jovi gospel version of "Keep the Faith" that comes out next week (which my German friends have already pre-ordered ... LOL ... NOBODY shops like my German girls!)

So I missed the whole thing. But, thank goodness for Hath -- for she totally saved the day! You can visit her site to hear both Obie's comments and the song. All together now, THANK YOU GODDESS!

But, as I was sitting listening to the new version, I began to think about how this song has evolved over the years. I remember when it first came out ... I was in school and going thru some tough times re-thinking whether or not I wanted to stay at Juilliard. It was very personal for me.

As the years have gone by, and we fans have grown up and faced both individual and societal challenges, I see the song in a whole different way. And now it amazes me that Jon and Richie wrote that when they were still actually quite young.

I can't really talk about this song without thinking of this performance - probably the best one I ever experienced. (note to Jon Bon Jovi: I understand about the whole fireworks, bad for the environment thing, but really ... it was very cool ... and we miss them ... maybe just a small little display at the last concert of the tour ...? just a thought.)

P.S. If you missed my little tribute to the ever wondrous Obie O'Brien, here's the link.