Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Era ... Complete with Snafus :-)

Well, good morning my Jovifriends! (though honestly, I'm not sure how many of you are up yet ... LOL)

Unlike my usual ramblings-on I'm just going to do a mostly picture-oriented post today.


Because I actually TOOK pictures.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I rarely take pictures at shows. I prefer to just experience the whole thing and let my memories take the snapshots. But, given this was the opening of the new stadium I thought I'd give it a try. I don't even have a real camera, so I'm super-grateful to my dear friend Rike for letting me use her second one. *muah Rike*

So, where do we begin? At the beginning, I suppose ... (this was my view from pit 4 row 3)
(note, you can click pics to see larger view)

The location was great with incredible views ... the only problem was navigating around the moving video camera LOL

And even though I was concerned that Jon might not come over a lot onto Richie's side, there were no issues there whatsoever ...

As this was my first attempt at actually taking pictures, I tried to get some of everything ...

I was on a mission to get one of Richie and David together

... and even Tico (damn, that's a tall order ... the picture, not Tico LOL ...sorry Teek)

But, not surprisingly ... in the end I mostly ended up with lots of Jon :-)

And even though it was obvious (though not vocally and certainly not energy wise) that Jon's allergies were probably bothering him ...

... his playful nature and teasing of the audience certainly was right on target

...even with the slight sound snafu during "Runaway" (which in my opinion ADDED to the magic of the evening, rather than detract from it) ...

There were a couple of other little technical things -- Richie's guitar not quite kicking in at the opening of the solo in "Wanted" ... or Jon's tech not comprehending what song was next, which is why Jon started singing the opening line of "Who Says..." -- his tech had thrown the maracas up to him, Jon threw them back at him, gave the guitar sign a few times and still no guitar appeared LOL -- when it finally did, Jon just laughed and took it. No attitude. No frustration. Just fun.

(as an aside, I was slightly concerned that Jon seemed to be shaking his left hand out a lot ... hopefully it was just tight because of the break ... don't stress, Jon, you push the strings harder and then it hurts more)

I'm still going thru all the pictures and will likely post a second set later today (because I actually do have to do some work before heading to the stadium again. Haha.)

In closing, a few words (ok, probably more than a few LOL)

The show was absolutely amazing. The heat outside, the excitement of the new venue, having the chance to see friends from all over the world, a rip-roaring Richie solo during "Dry County", the fireworks (woofrickinhoo!!) during "Keep the Faith" ... it all added to this fantastic night.

Yes, there is always a special magic when Jon Bon Jovi and his band of brothers hits the stage. But last night was different - it was a true sense of homecoming. Jon mentioned that it was 21 years ago that they played Giants for the first time -- I remember it well. :-) -- and how extraordinary it was that they are still there. He shouldn't at all be surprised ... even back then, the logo/slogan said "Bon Jovi Forever" ... as it shall always be.

Okay ... gotta go for now. Will definitely post some more images later - including a fun tongue shot and a couple with Hugh and Bobby. Until then, rest up for tonight -- same time, same stadium, almost same seat (but on David's side.)