Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday Trivia #3

Question: What non-Jovi 80s "hair band" hit song was supposedly written in the living room of Bon Jovi's Jersey shore apartment?

I can still remember,
When I was just a kid.
When friends were friends forever,
And what you said was what you did ...

Through the years and miles between us,
It's been a long and lonely ride.
But if I got that call in the dead of the night,
I'd be right by your side.

Blood on Blood
Bon Jovi - New Jersey

Its hard to believe sometimes that Bon Jovi is 25 years old ... that can't be ... because that would make me ... well ... no longer in my 20s, lets put it that way.

When you think about how much has changed in the last two decades, it boggles the mind. From world events (I remember the night The Wall came down like it was yesterday) to the advancement of technology (I recently unearthed my Walkman.)

And yet, as much as things change, things stay the same. Maybe that is why Bon Jovi's songs continue to resonate with so many of us ... the themes really never go away ... friendship, love, loss, optimism, challenge.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why So Many Bon Jovi Concerts?

The Lost Highway tour started a year ago today ... man, it seems like a long time ago now.

So ... I went to 18 shows this tour (21 if you count the three quasi-tour shows in Puerto Rico, Tiger Jam in Vegas and the free Central Park one.) Why, you ask? Yes, my bank account is asking the same thing!

Now, some of you reading this already understand the answer to this question. But for those of you who don't ... let me try to explain.

First, there's the body of songs over the last 25 years. Few bands have such a history ... and you never know what you might end up with on any given day. And when you hear those rarely performed songs, they live in your memory hearing Dry County for the first time in a decade at Giants Stadium during the Have a Nice Day tour. And you end up kicking yourself for not being at that concert where they did song x, y or z .. for me its This Ain't A Love Song ... I refuse to miss the Europe leg next time ... Sandy, Rike, Beate and Steffi ... make room in the car! ;-)

Second, there's the fact that they are great musicians. And who wouldn't want to see artists at the top of their game as much as humanly possible? Sure, I've been there when things have gone a little askew (read: also memories that last a lifetime) but that is the JOY of live performance.

Third, there is the pure energy that comes from the stage. Its contagious. Sometimes musicians are afraid to use the word "entertain" because it somehow detracts from the seriousness of the profession ... this is often the case in the classical music world. (Hello people! We are all in the same marketplace fighting for the public's time, interest and money....but, again, I digress ...)

The truth of the matter is, anyone who basically gets up on a stage is there to engage others ... if that weren't the case, they could just write book or a magazine article or make a record but never tour. And you have NEVER seen someone perform like Jon Bon Jovi. As each tour passes, my respect for him grows more and more. The man is incredible on stage ... the connection he makes with an audience is like nothing I have seen from anyone else ... ok ... maybe Bill Clinton.

Then there's all those other things - I have a lot of friends at these concerts, I get to travel to different places, I get to discover different cultures, etc. But in the end, the real reason I go...?

It just makes me happy. Plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Soul Did It First

A lot of people have asked about my thoughts on this issue. So, here it is publicly ... this is my stand once and for all.

This week was a big one in Philadelphia ... it is the first time in forever that the city has a team in a "world" championship game. (Ummm...not true, exactly.) I, of course, use quotes around world because afterall, the World Series is an American event. But, alas, that is not the purpose of this post.

The truth of the matter is that the Philadelphia Soul paved the way for any good that will be coming the city's way in terms of sports success.

Yes, the team may only have just celebrated its fifth anniversary - complete with bad "slogo" (a cross between a logo and a slogan) ... sorry, Jon ... I know you liked it, but really, it was just awful...but I digress...

In a short period of time, the team has had an incredible impact on the community (both in Philly and elsewhere), built a loyal fan base, gone thru some hard growing pains, and yes, won a "world" championship.

Some in Philly would say its not a real championship because its not one of the big four (Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Eagles.) Now, I haven't lived in Philly that long but from what I see, the definition of a Philadelphia sports team seems to include heartbreaking losses, bad coaching, bad officiating, bad facilities, bad press (I don't mean negative press - I mean lack of coverage sometimes), bad decisions by the league and bad front office management.

If that's what it takes, I think the Soul have paid their dues and can be considered a real sports team. The organization has definitely lived thru all those criteria - though truly bad front office management (with the exception of ticketing) has been limited due to the strong ownership of the team and, until recently, a truly terrific general manager. And, I can't say enough good things about Coach Munsey.

EVERY team goes thru its highs and lows, but I gotta say that this one seems to be experiencing more ups than most in its early years. The staff works hard and the fans are fervent. Are there things to be improved upon? You bet. (See aforementioned quip regarding ticketing.) But, I am proud to have been a season ticketholder from day one and am proud to put my money with an organization that is making a difference. Period. *jumping off soap box now...ouch!*

PS ... One more thing ... umm .. Jon and Jaws - we need to go and get Matt D'O - I'm sure you're working on it ... just putting in my two cents here. ;-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's Video Soundtrack

I didn't come this far to throw the towel in.
I didn't fight this hard to walk away.
If I ain't smart enough to say I'm sorry,
Its just because the words got in the way.

Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town
Jon Bon Jovi - Destination Anywhere

P.S. Gotta love the "Dallas Sucks" bumper sticker on Jon's guitar. It's a NY Giants thing ... ;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Liners #2

Possible caption: "I really wish Richie would choose a different cologne!"

One of the things I absolutely love about Jon Bon Jovi is his facial expressions - how he often lets you right into what he's thinking or feeling with just a look. There is no doubt he takes his work, his commitments and such seriously, but somewhere along the way, he also seemed to learn to just relax and have fun.

So ... what is your possible caption for this picture?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To My Dear Friend B in Germany ...

Wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes a Song Says It All

It's pretty cold for late September
The autumn wind is creeping in.
The summer sun packed up it's long gone
There's a whole lot of leaving going on...

I bet it's warm in California
I think it's time to hit the road
I just might call that band of gypsies
Go searching for our pot of gold.

Whole Lot of Leavin'
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway

Fall has always been my favorite season. I think its that "school" mentality that things begin anew ... sometimes because you want it to, sometimes because it is simply forced upon you - either by circumstance or by other people.

Well, here we are again. The older I get, the more I realize that there is still so much I don't really know ... and people surprise me all the time.

In any case, the greatest thing about music is its ability to cut to the heart of what you're feeling or where you are at a particular moment. So ... what song is your life soundtrack right now? Think about it ... hopefully it puts a smile on your face.

P.S. Damn ... doesn't that picture just make you want to jump in the car with Jon and go for a long drive? :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in a picture mood today ...

Caption: "oooh I think I ate too many cookies!"

Caption: "The Giants REALLY SUCKED last night!"

Caption: "What a bad hair day?!" (sorry, Jon ... but it is a funny pic)

Caption: "I feel pretty ... oh so pretty ..."

....and I couldn't resist this one of young Jonny asleep ....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Got Wit? One Liners #1

Some of my Jovi (and non-Jovi, for that matter) friends have an incredible sense of humor ... an absolute necessity in life. So, I thought I'd we'd have a little creative fun. (I know you writers out there will like this!) Each week or so I will post a picture ... and you, my witty friends, will try to come up with the best one-line caption ... lets give it a try ...

Post your answer in the comments section ... or e-mail to me at and next week we will vote on the best one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jon and Richie Play for Obama

I just love the slow, acoustic version of this classic.

Monday Morning

I must say yesterday was an AMAZING sports day ... just picture this ... the Eagles game on with the Phillies on the split screen, my laptop on with the Giants game on one tab and Willow's fantasy football team on another. It was a sight to behold. And don't even try talking to me at that point!

But the good news is that almost all of my picks for this past weekend were accurate ... 10-3 prior to the Monday night game. (Go Saints.)

I keep picking the Eagles, but my faith in them is down the tubes ... two weeks in a row at a few and goal and they can't get it in the endzone. Argh!

But, damn the Giants looked awesome - Eli was on fire and they proved they really didn't need Plaxico I am LOVING being a Giants fan right now. And Brandon Jacobs is my new Michael Strahan. I always loved Michael and was heartbroken when he retired. But Steamroller Jacobs has got me all excited.

Seems like the Patriots are trying to get back on track and find their game again. See ... I told y'all. Never count BB out!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Man Always Looks Good ... Even in Orange?!?

You know there are some colors that are just difficult to wear for many people ... yellow is one that comes to mind quickly. I, personally, look like Big Bird.

But, probably at the top of most people's list is orange ... so of course, HRH looks good in it. Damn him! Now, if he could come up with a song using the word orange ... ha Mr. Smarty Pants! (Then again, I wouldn't put it past - or is it passed - him ... afterall he did write a great lyric using the word mediocrity - who'd a thunk?!)

I have always said, "the man could wear a rubber chicken on his head and still look great" ... and that ain't so far from the truth. Remember that multi-colored striped beanie he wore a few tours ago in Europe? Hmmm ... gotta find a few pics of that one.

So, I'm asking ... what picture of him do you have where he has on something outrageous and still looks great ... go ahead and send them to me at

I will post them next week along with my new Thursday section, One Liners, an online contest to come up with the best one-line captions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MMM, MMQ, etc etc etc (...a little late)

Greetings friends! I am finally beginning to come back to life after the cold from hell. So, I must catch up on all the happenings of the last several days. Actually, there wasn't much doing so this should be relatively short ... LOL

So...this week's music madness post will focus on our guilty pleasures ... no, not HRH (His Royal Hotness) ... see The Fiction Mistress for that ... its ass week! And, I don't feel guilty at all about that one anyway.

I'm talking about that album you don't want to admit you listen to. That record (yes, I still use that word all the time) that you turn to in your time of need, lust, happiness, craziness, whatever.

As I've mentioned, my listening library is pretty diverse - from Michael Feinstein to Mahler to Metallica (though right now I'm all about Ozzy's "Crazy Train.")

But, this album I'm writing about today is one that has special memories for me. I remember feeling "naughty" for loving it so much. Let's remember ... I am a classical musician by training ... ironically, it was my roommate at a music festival that introduced me to it. And ever since, its one of my "go to" albums.

From "Bad Boys Running Wild" to my fave "Still Loving You", there isn't one track on the album I skip.

Visit here for a listen.

So ... what's YOUR guilty listening pleasure? A movie soundtrack? A little Manilow? Whatever it may be ... own up to it. Its okay. That's what makes us who we are.

I must admit that this past weekend was BORING with a capital "b" in terms of football - which sucked because I was basically camped out on Willow's sofa with kleenex, cough drops and the remote. Nonetheless, the Eagles played ... oyyy ... but my beloved Giants and Pats had the week off. My overall record for the year isn't so bad just yet ... currently 38-22 ... I am still waiting for my perfect week ... ok ... been waiting for years for that, but still I am holding out hope!