Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MEMPHIS redux ... for the Nth time ... LOL

Greetings friends! Hope this finds you well on "hump day" (hey! you fan fic girls ... get your minds out of the gutter! haha) ... I meant because its Wednesday.

So, still in post-Tony euphoria, Linda and I bought tickets to see MEMPHIS last night ... the first show as Tony Award winners. Tuesday night curtains are early which is a killer in terms of getting to the theatre from way down on Wall Street so I was running on a tight schedule. I arrived to find the will-call line out the theatre and down the block. Woohoo! While I was standing in line, I grabbed this quick picture of the signs posted by fans on the stage door.

Isn't that cool?! I loved it!

Anyway, Linda and I got tickets in the orchestra center first row. I have never sat there for a show (well, other than Jovi LOL) and it was a totally different experience than the other umpteen times I've seen MEMPHIS. To say that I have a whole new respect for the cast would be an understatement. When you're that close you can hear every hushed word, see every bit of emotion and literally feel the heat coming off the stage. I could see the pain in Chad Kimball's eyes on "Memphis Lives in Me", the resolve on Montego Glover's face in "Colored Woman", the anger/fear in J. Bernard Calloway's delivery during "She's My Sister" ... the whole experience was eye-opening.

After the show, we stuck around to talk with the cast who were, I believe, a bit blown away by the cheers of the crowd when they came out the stage door. Lots of smiles all around. Everyone was nice enough to sign my Tony program ...

And Chad's dad even got a great picture of us. :-)

Speaking of Chad ... I heard that someone at the Tonys on Sunday went up to him and asked him if he was a seat filler?!! Ooooops. He told us that he hadn't even seen the video yet of when they won and that he finally got to bed at about 6am Monday morning. (I'm hoping that David Bryan was able to sleep on the plane over to Paris.)

Needless to say, it was a great night all around.

Now things slow down a bit until Kazeedigs on June 23rd ... and then watch out for July -- the Jukes at The Stone Pony, Melissa Etheridge in NYC and New Brunswick, and a whole lotta Jovi (NMS, Ohio, Toronto, Boston and Chicago.)

Okay ... gotta go .. time to make the ramen noodles. Haha.