Friday, May 29, 2009

Fixing Technology - Bon Jovi Style

Happy Friday Jovinuts!

For some reason, this seemed like the longest week known to man ... not sure why ...

Its been that "Murphy's Law" kind of week ... for example, I very rarely have to take the 4/5/6 subway line, but had to this week - so OF COURSE, this is the week its all screwed up and you have to go to Idaho and back to try to get to the East Side ... ARGH. I'm such a West Side snob ... LOL.

Or ... why is it that when I'm literally right about ready to walk out the door, THAT'S when the printer decides to go crazy. I'm usually the one everybody would come to when that happens ... they say that I have some magical printer powers ... you wanna know what I do?

I literally put my hands on the top of it and sing ... yep, you got it ...

Lay Your Hands on Me

and then restart it and hope it works. It usually does. See?! Even my printer likes Bon Jovi (though I have been known to sing "You Give HP a Bad Name" once or twice ... LOL)

So, in celebration of Bon Jovi/Jon Bon Jovi's ability to not only lift spirits and inspire, but also fix office machinery, here's the new poll ...

This is a song that has grown on me over the years. I have always loved the video ... I think it totally captured the raw excitement of a Bon Jovi show. I just think its one of those songs that's simply better live than Memorex (yes, I'm showing my age here ... remember those commercials?! LOL)

The other thing about this song is its chameleon ability ... so I chose two of my favorite performances for the poll. My other favorite is the version from TLFR which just blows me away.

(Speaking of blown away, I was not surprised that the "OMFG version" from last week won ... I was originally thinking of putting that one up against This Ain't A Love Song from Wembley, but decided that might be just a little too mean ... hehehe.)

So, here you go ... two great versions ... the first one is from, of course, "An Evening with Bon Jovi" which in my opinion, is the best all-around live performance I've ever seen ... from start to finish, pure perfection.

And, here's one from London - dontcha just love attending church?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Someday ...

The problem with having a holiday on Monday is that your Tuesday ends up being your Monday ... LOL. Its not like you just skip Monday all together and slide right into the week ... did you ever notice that?

So, I was trolling around YouTube just trying to get thru the day and for some reason, clips of "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night" just kept popping up.

I do love that song. Have from the first time I ever heard it. Maybe it just really resonated with me ... the slightly sad, the slightly optimistic - dependent upon the version. (I'm incredibly partial to the slow version from the Amsterdam HAND pre-release concert, included below.)

But, sometimes you just need a good kick in the a$$. And who better to give you that than Jon Bon Jovi, right?! Because, whatever your schedule is, its most likely not quite as bad as Jonny's can be.

Well, I found this video somebody made to one of my favorite concert versions ... they even wrote out what Jon says during the vamp section ... love it! This is why I always like hearing this song live -- you just never know what he's gonna say (tho admittedly, the last few times they did this, he didn't really expound on anything ... ummm... that was a hint, Jon!! subtle, huh?!)

In any case, luckily tomorrow is already Wednesday ... and before we know it, it will be Saturday night. ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Thoughts ... And A New Poll

So, there has been this e-mail going around ... something about Cris Angel and superstition and all that, blah blah blah. I really don't pay attention to that stuff for the most part. But, I did look at the descriptions they included of the Zodiac signs and started to think ...

Now, when was Jon Bon Jovi born? Are they sure? I don't know ... seems like he has a whole lot of Aries goin' on ... what do you think? (I bolded each characteristic that seems to fit.)

PISCES- (Feb 19 - Mar 20) Generous, kind, and thoughtful. Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Doesn't like details. Dreamy and unrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good kisser. (ok, I'm just assuming he is ... LOL.) Beautiful.

ARIES- (Mar 21 - April 19)
Energetic. Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun. Loves a challenge. EXTREMELY impatient. Sometimes selfish. Short fuse. (Easily angered.) Lively, PASSIONATE, and sharp wit. Outgoing. Lose interest quickly - easily bored. Egotistical. (having an ego is not always a bad thing, by the way.) Courageous and assertive. Tends to be physical and athletic.

Maybe we'll just sum it up by saying he's complicated - though I'm happy for him to join me in the Aries camp. ;-) (As a side note, I LOVE that picture from the White House Correspondents Dinner ... great shot!)

Okay ... now onto the other business of the day ... I WARNED YOU!!!

The Bounce version of Open All Night put up a pretty good fight, but in the end the box set version pulled off the win. So, onto the next round ... up against *takes deep breath* ... the Borgata performance of These Arms Are Open All Night.

I've been blessed to have seen some remarkable performances over the years. But, this one.... oh ... just left me speechless. I didn't know I could actually hold my breath for five minutes. LOL

P.S. And I think I'll leave the "Image of the Day" up for a while ... it totally makes me laugh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, Since There's No Tour ...

I had to find SOMETHING to occupy my time this summer, right? I will always be grateful to Jon Bon Jovi for "introducing" me to the Jukes. Southside's records have been a staple in my listening library for nearly as long as Bon Jovi has.

Anyway, to my utter delight, the Jukes just announced a bunch of their upcoming dates so now my calendar is filling up quite nicely and I can try to forget that after Summerfest, the dreaded Bon Jovi drought will begin.

So far, we've got ...
May 28 @ The Birchmere
June 5 in Phoenixville, PA
June 27 on Long Island (I'll be back just in time from Summerfest)
July 2 @ The Stone Pony (woo hoo!!!!)
July 30 in NYC (they are doing the oft cheesy, yet very fun Rockin' the River Circle Line cruise. And, FINALLY another show where I don't have to figure out how to get there on a train, bus, horse, spaceship, etc. - oh the joys of being a NYC girl. LOL)

You KNOW I'll give you my review of the shows ... and then my German girls have some of the European ones covered. :-)

Anyway, if you're interested in joining me for any of this fun, just drop me a line at

And, in the meantime, please enjoy a little SSJ ...

(I know I've posted this one before, but its just SO DAMN GOOD!)

From one of the two shows at BB King's a couple of months ago (and if you know me in RL, you can find me in the front row ...LOL)

PS Don't remember if I told you that after Jon Bon Jovi mentioned that SSJ doesn't do "All I Want is Everything" anymore, they actually did it at BB King's ... LOL

So, all summer ... WE'RE HAVIN' A PARTY!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its All About That Combination of Words

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope this finds you well, my fellow Jovinuts.

Today's subject is words. Your words and the words of others.

First off, per your suggestions I'm looking for a guest reviewer for the upcoming summer show in New Brunswick -- no, not New Brunswick, New Jersey ... tho that would have been much easier for me.

For some reason, my desire to see every Bon Jovi show and the balance in my bank account just don't quite seem to jive. I MUST find a way to remedy that. LOL

Okay, so what do you need to do? Its simple, just let me know via e-mail (at that you are interested in reviewing the show. Include a few lines about how their music has touched your life. Then, attend the show and write down your thoughts afterward. Pretty easy, huh?

You don't have to be a native English speaker or an accomplished writer, as long as you can communicate your excitement and honest thoughts about the concert. I do reserve the right, however, to edit your review (with you, of course) prior to posting. You can either include photos or not, no worries ... there are always plenty of pictures floating around.

Okay, on to the second order of business.

I think this week's poll really illustrates the challenges of songwriting - how certain words or combination of words (and their corresponding emotions) can get stuck in your head and you keep writing until you finally feel like you can say what needs to be said. many songs have one or more of these words in the title - open, arms, night, these, all? Lets see, we've got: These Open Arms, In These Arms, Open All Night, These Arms are Open All Night, Open All Night (the other one) - did I forget any?

Jon Bon Jovi said in the film that there are album tracks he really likes, but the crowd doesn't want to hear (which received a big reaction and very verbal "nooo" by the way from the fan club at the premiere. LOL) He mentioned Open All Night from the Bounce record specifically.

Personally, I think the song is good, but prefer Open All Night from the box set. So, what do you think? You can vote at the left.

The winner will take on the absolutely devastating performance from the Borgata of These Arms Are Open All Night.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do You Believe in Magic?

So, I finally got to hear the recording from the fan club show at the Starland Ballroom back in February. No, not because I actually received mine ... which at this point should be earning frequent flyer miles for the number of times its been shipped back and forth to wrong addresses (grrrr) ... but a friend got one to me.

Listening to it certainly brought me back to that night *now singing Billy Joel ... Oh What a Night ... late December back in '63 ...*

Ooops ... sorry. Back to the post ...

Anyway, all those feelings of hearing those songs at the Sayreville show came back and I tried to remember the last time I had felt that way at a Bon Jovi show -- just standing there, slightly in awe, just taking in every word and every emotion. I didn't have to think too hard.

It was the Borgata show for the release of the box set. Oh, the Borgata. Every Bon Jovi show there has been stellar. But, this one I almost can't put into words -- between the first (and most likely, the only) time we'll ever hear some of those box set songs and all the hits, damn! And, seriously, one of the best Jon Bon Jovi stage moments in the last 25 years, introducing the band members as if he was the owner of a used car lot. Absolutely frickin' hysterical!

(Note to JBJ: I am still holding out hope for "River Runs Dry" ... my absolute favorite track off the box set. I think everybody in my office knew that song as it seems I had it on constant repeat for weeks.)

Here are a couple clips from the show.

First up, the song that makes me think "now THAT would be a funny Hallmark greeting card!" You could buy it for every ex you ever had ... LOL

and then there was THIS song ... there are two versions on the box set ... I personally like the original demo ... the whole sentiment and subject matter just overwhelms me ...

Of course, on that concert was the performance for the ages of "These Arms are Open All Night" ... but since that's next up in the voting, I won't post it now.

Anyway, so ... the fan club show recording. I'm not exactly convinced that everything on there was from that night, but that's for another time. I can say that when I continue to listen to this or remember shows like the 100Million and the TLFR ones at the Borgata, it makes me believe that truly magical nights do exist.

So, were you at this concert? What did you think? And those who weren't, what song off the box set are you hoping to hear?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Queen of New Orleans

Ok, so I'm a few days behind with this post ... I've been a little busy ya know ... between the film, the NJHoF, Joe's Pub, work, laundry, Mother's Day gift (oh shoot! actually haven't done that yet!) ... LOL.

I'm still a bit bummed that I didn't get to Jazz Fest. Yes, the setlist was rather unextraordinary (did I make that word up? yes, according to spellcheck, I did ...) and it was hotter than blazes.

But, I have family there as well as one of my dearest friends, Fiction Mistress, who has graciously (she's always gracious...ok...except for that little incident in Vegas with the drunk chick LOL) sent me her pictures to post on my blog. Ain't they fabulous?!

And how about THIS one ... (and I'm a Jonny girl!)

And she even got Tico!!

So, FM, here's a video dedication/thank you ... I just hope someday you get to hear Jon Bon Jovi do this one live ...

Come back tomorrow to find out how you ... yes YOU ... can be a guest review writer on this blog.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perhaps I Should Move...?

Greetings y'all.

I must say I have been really surprised with the voting for "In These Arms" ... I was sure that bandana-clad Jonny was going to grab you. I will say that the line of the week goes to Catte Sambora's "...I'm a sucker for Hot Cubanos on bongos" comment. Totally made me laugh!

I've been spending an incredible amount of time across the river as of late ... between Jovi activities, seeing Slippery When Wet and just hanging out with friends. Made me think ... maybe I should move over there?

re: the end of the clip ... written by "that grouchy old guy from California" ... and sung that night by that cranky young guy from New Jersey ... LOL

I will admit Jon Bon Jovi had the right to be a little annoyed that night. It was a long frickin' evening. There were technical difficulties up the wazoo. I remember at one point Jon got this horrible feedback in his earpiece that nearly blew his head apart. (All together now ... "OBIE!!!" ... LOL) And guys (Michele?), correct me if I'm wrong ... but I remember Richie doing Stranger in This Town at one point to give Jon a break??? Its a shame all that stuff didn't make it to the broadcast version.

In any case, probably not likely I'll move to Jersey anytime soon ... I'm too much of a city girl. I guess I'll just have to get used to the train rides ... me and my i-Pod on a Saturday night ... ;-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Little Night Music

Okay ... this is going to be one of those not-so-Jovi, more about music types of posts.

So, I ended up at Joe's Pub last night for the late show ... not the late late show -- they actually had three shows back-to-back-to-back last night. I sooo love that venue. Its very New York - small, dark and crowded ... located right above the Astor Place subway (more on that later.)

Joe's Pub is probably one of the greatest known cabaret places in the country ... and I have seen many an established and rising star there. I remember one night in particular with the incomparable four-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald. Ok, I might be a little biased because we were in school together ... I actually have a great picture of her and me singing in a Martin Luther King celebration at Juilliard. I like looking at that picture ... makes me laugh. Me. Singing next to Audra. Damn! What was I thinking?! LOL

Though some of you may recognize her from her role on "Private Practice" on TV, it is musical theatre that this woman has taken by storm. If you don't know her ... here's a clip of a great song ...

Anyway, back to last night. I ended up being seated at the end of the stage, basically in the crook of the piano. The night was featuring artists from Upright Cabaret which is a group based in Los Angeles. As expected, there were some knock-out performances and I had the chance to hear some songs that really resonated with me ... including a fantastic song called "The Flagmaker, 1775."

One more star, one more stripe
Til you feel the rising sun
One more star, one more stripe
Til this foolishness is done
One more star, one more stripe
We'll be waiting when we've won

Grab a needle, grab a thimble
If it's all that keeps you sane
Think of freedom as a symbol
Think of justice as a game
Think of life with independence
Think of muskets and brigades
Think of taking the oppressors
Think of banners and parades

Someday I'll tell you about my strange connection to Broadway musicals about the Civil War. But, that's for another time. (edited to clarify, that, yes, I do know that the song is connected to The American Revolution and not the Civil War ... )

So, about three acts from the end of the show, David Bryan and Montego Glover, who plays the female lead in "Memphis", take the stage. I know her work, but had only seen the video of her doing "Colored Woman" out in Seattle. Last night they did "Love Will Stand (When All Else Falls)." I swear, every song I've heard from this show is fantastic - and y'all know I'm VERY honest about music. Now, sitting literally five feet away from David you'd think I'd be watching him, but Montego has a powerful stage presence and incredible voice. After that, David performed "Memphis Lives in Me." It was nice to hear it live after having listened to it probably 150 times from the boxset.

After the show, I waited to say a few words to both Joe DiPietro and David. I talked to Joe about being at opening night of previews for Toxic and my review and we joked about the stress of having a blog. (Yes, folks, it ain't as easy as it looks.) He told me they are slated for the Shubert Theatre and are still trying to work out timing of all that.

Then, I spoke with David for a few minutes - did the fan thing and had him sign my Toxic Avenger program, jokingly asked him to make sure there's a bassoon/contra book for the show (highly unlikely given the subject matter, but hey! its worth a shot) and laughed about the subway that came rumbling thru. Seriously, the whole floor starts shaking ... its a hoot.

Honestly, I'm not sure how many people there were familiar with David and/or Bon Jovi ... it was a theatre crowd. But, I can say that I truly believe this musical is going to be a hit. And, even though I have posted this before, I can never hear this song too many times, so remember ...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Jon's NJ HoF Speech

Here's a clip of Jon's speech from the Hall of Fame last night ... he was funny!

(See yesterday's post for full review.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Great Garden State

Happy Sunday y'all! (It is still Sunday, right? ... oh, but just barely...)

I decided a bit last minute to attend the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight. I had been hemming and hawing about going but ultimately, heck ... Jon Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny at the same place ... I couldn't possibly resist.

Also, I love the venue - the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Its truly a world-class facility ... unfortunately, like the Prudential Center a few blocks away, its struggling a bit to survive in a bad economy, in a city with some serious challenges and in the shadow of the greatest city in the universe.

I must say, though, for what is seemingly a small organization (both in terms of dollars and staff), the Hall of Fame people put on a nice event (albeit a bit on the long side, clocking in at about 3 hours.) As a NYer though, I learned a whole lot more about New Jersey tonight ... for instance, did you know these three things are made in the great Garden State ... M&Ms, Les Paul Guitars and the game Monopoly?!

I knew the music would be fantastic ... they had LaBamba and the Hubcaps, with a couple of Asbury Jukes thrown in, as the "house band" for the evening. They started off the event with Gary U.S. Bonds doing a rip-roaring performance of his 1960s hit "New Orleans" .. you gotta know that Jonny must have been dancing in the back to that one!

The evening was full of surprises for me as very little had actually been announced. Hosting the event was Avery Brooks who, after some opening words, introduced a great video tribute to New Jersey, set to ... of course ... "Who Says You Can't Go Home." It was fabulous actually.

And the hits just kept coming -- author Toni Morrison was there to induct Paul Robeson, Carol Higgins Clark inducted F. Scott Fitzgerald (everyone knows him for "The Great Gatsby", but did you know that he wrote the short story that was made into the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?), legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin was there to induct Carl Sagan (La Bamba's choice to play "Fly Me to the Moon" while Buzz took the stage was CLASSIC!), former NYC Mayor David Dinkins was on hand to speak about inductee Althea Gibson and ... I just about fell out of my chair when Yankee great Yogi Berra came out to give his thoughts on his friend and inductee Phil Rizzuto.

But, by far the biggest applause of the evening was for ... wait ... no, not Jon (though there was no shortage of screams and cheers) ... but for four-star General David Petraeus, current Commander of U.S. Central Command. And damn, the man is IMPRESSIVE ... and well-spoken. Furthermore, I have no idea how he doesn't lean one way considering all the ribbons he has on his uniform! Anyway, he was there to talk about Lt. Brian Brennan, a New Jersey soldier who was horrifically injured while in Afghanistan who has made nothing short of a miraculous recovery. It was maybe the highlight of the evening and I don't think I was the only one with tears in my eyes. Regardless of your politics and thoughts on the war, there are men and women who fight and die for our country everyday.

After that very poignant and powerful presentation, Southside Johnny came out and totally rocked the house with his classic "I Don't Want to Go Home." After a few other honorees and a video of great actors from New Jersey (you'd be surprised!!!), the moment had come for Jon's induction.

Governor Corzine introduced Jon with some extremely nice comments about not only Jon's commitment to New Jersey, but his values as a human being. I always laugh when I hear or see Governor Corzine -- he used to call my old office (when he was still heading up Goldman Sachs) and I'd always give him the run-around (at my boss's request, of course) when he wanted to talk to them ... LOL. And now he's the frickin' Gonvernor of New Jersey. Anway ....

So, Jon came out and made some comments. He was actually quite funny and the longer he spoke, I swear the more his "Joisey" voice came out. He, of course, was charming and gracious just as we'd expect him to be.

You can tell his love for New Jersey when he speaks about it ... he said that he had just been walking around Magazine Street in New Orleans and in some little shop, this woman behind the counter (who after a few minutes recognized him) yelled out "Hey. Jersey!" As Jon joked ... you don't hear that about any place else ... can you imagine someone saying "hey! Connectictut .... or yo! Vermont ... or rock on (complete with hand gesture!) - New Hampshire?!" It was just absolutely hysterical the way he said it.

[So, I believe my friend JerzyJovi got the whole acceptance speech on video ... maybe if I'm really nice, she'll let me post it! ;-) ]

The evening closed with two tunes from Southside ... first "This Time Its for Real" (which you may recognize from the fan club show in Sayreville) and then SSJ's signature show ending "We're Having a Party" ... which Jon and the rest of the inductees and their families joined in on stage. Jon looked really relaxed (or maybe he's just exhausted from last night and running on fumes.) I did wonder if anyone was there with him as he came back out on stage still holding his award. He set it down on the front of the stage and just continued singing. LOL

Well, Jon. Congratulations on your induction. You not only represent New Jersey well, but serve as a great role model for people all over the world.

P.S. Oh, I forgot ... and there was this great moment when they brought Yogi out at the end and Jon totally bowed down to him. Well, Jon Bon Jovi might not like baseball as much as football, but he knows a true superstar when he sees one!

When We Were Beautiful Redux

(I posted a shorter version of this review on Backstage so for some of you, this post might feel familiar. LOL)

So, at the last minute (and to get over my depression about not being at Jazz Fest), I decided to try to get a rush ticket for the final screening of Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful. I was lucky and ended up being one of the last few people to get in.

I have to say that it was great seeing it the second time around -- you really do catch so much more. Also, it was very different watching the film with very few die-hard fans. Heck ... there was only one little yelp in the scene when Jon takes off his shirt (no, it wasn't me.) I got the impression that most of the audience really didn't realize that Bon Jovi isn't just Jon Bon Jovi. So I was interested to see what their reaction to the film would be.

So sure ... they laughed at some of the same funny moments ... Jon and the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" comment and Richie's musing about the picture of Tico on the wall of the girl's bedroom. And of course, David. But, people really listened. I heard a number of comments such as "oh I forgot I liked that song" ... and "I didn't know he was so intense."

All I can say is, people have their perceptions (and misconceptions) about this band and I really do think the film (if people are open enough to see it) really does shine a light on the reality of why Bon Jovi has remained relevant.

As for my impressions the second time around ... there are a few things that I noticed that I didn't before. For example, when Jon says "David could be in the spotlight for the first time in his life" (with his musical theatre work) I really caught a sense of the pride and happiness from Jon that I didn't hear the first time.

One thing that irked me more this time around was the footage of the stage jumper in Dublin. Yes, it gets the cheap laugh ... and the look on Jon's face when he wipes his lips with the towel afterwards is great. But, on the other hand - we all sign an agreement to act appropriately and respectful of the band when we get those pit wristbands. Its unfortunate that the film immortalizes and rewards her blatant disregard for the rules. Perhaps they will cut that out of the final version....

(As a side note, Sunnynight - I saw you this time!!! And no, she wasn't the one jumping on the stage.)

I did laugh even more at a couple of moments ... maybe because I knew they were coming ... or maybe because I actually heard them better ... not sure.

For example, when Jon is talking about playing small venues versus larger ones ... he says "I want to play the desert and sell it out ... more than once." (The man certainly has a vision of who and what he wants this band to be.) I also actually caught this time when Jon is talking about being a happy drunk and says that he is happy to sit in the corner and drink a bottle, pass out and go to bed ... "the highlight of my day." You know he's joking ... but maybe only slightly ....???

Also, how on earth did I forget the scene with Jon and Richie doing Diamond Ring during soundcheck?! What the heck planet was I on?!? Or when David said (I'm paraphrasing) if Jon were to come in one day and change things and it became a complete democracy, I'd say "okay" and then check the Prozac or whatever he was taking. (Yes, David ... I don't see the modus operandi changing anytime soon ... why fix what ain't broke.)

This time I also had the opportunity to stay til the end of the credits during which they have the continuation of the song Jon is recording in the studio at the end of the film. I noticed in the credits that the song ("When We Were Beautiful") is actually co-written with Billy Falcon (who also co-wrote "Just Older.") If you don't know Falcon's work, you should check it out. He has some great stuff.

So ... I'm not sure about the "new" song yet ... some of the opening lyrics are ...
The world is cracked.
The sky is torn.
I can't pretend that nothing's changed.

Lets just say its not an upbeat, optimistic song ... we'll have to wait for the final version ... we know how Jon likes to change things ... LOL

In any case, I hope the film is finished soon and y'all get to see it at some point.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Miscellaneous News Day

Greetings Jovinuts! I was going to wait until Monday to post again, but then thought ... what the heck? :-)

So, I have really enjoyed reading people's Bon Jovi memories in response to the blog candy giveaway. Please feel free to share details of the contest with others (especially you Backstagers since my thread went poof. I knew I was taking a chance posting it and I respect admin's decision to delete it. Can't change the rules just for one person.)

I have also read all your suggestions, requests and ideas about the blog. Please remember its a blog and not a website -- therefore, the emphasis is on narrative. Sorry ... I won't be starting a repository for photos and videos, but will always continue to post things relevant to the topic of the day. As for more Richie, I'll do my best ... just remember I have loved and respected Jon Bon Jovi for more than half my life. He has inspired me as a musican and as a person. I did, however, really like the idea of a guest blogger and the wheels in my head are spinning about that already.

As for other news ...

THIS is really exciting. Sister Mary of Project H.O.M.E. has been named one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People." As many of you know, I had the incredible opportunity to work with the Philadelphia Soul last year on a number of different projects.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times now and she is a force to be reckoned with (probably why I like her so much AND why she's so good at what she does.)

Sure ... she has gotten more visibility since Jon's involvement started, but she has been working hard for many, many years.

Hmmm...what else is new? Oh ... found out that Martin Bibla just signed with a Canadian football team ... the BC Lions. So, all you Jovi fans who have never seen a Soul game, you should check out your local CFL teams because a lot of our guys are popping up all over. :-)

Oh, speaking of Soul ... I did look thru my stash so I can start pulling together the goodie package. I do have some fun Soul stuff ... but, no, my JBJ signed football will NOT be part of the package... LOL. There are a couple of you I know who are asking for that ... sorry, that one goes with me to the grave. I did, however, pull out a couple of issues of the fanzines from the fan club, a tour book (not from Lost Highway ... older ...), and some other cool things so far.

Did you know that today is National Scrapbooking Day? Are any of you out there crafty? (I mean ... do any of you do crafts ... not are any of you sneaky, deceiving, sly, etc. LOL) Well, I am. Actually, I am getting ready to do the online launch of my new Bon Jovi-inspired cards and tour journals. They are super-cool. But anyway, I spent part of the day with some girlfriends working on my scrapbook ... I really need to branch out from just scrapping Bon Jovi. Haha.

Well, I think I'm going to go for now ... wonder if I could get a rush ticket to see the last screening of "When We Were Beautiful" ...?

P.S. I spent over an hour going thru all my CDs of interviews, video clips, webcasts, news pieces, etc. trying to find the 3-part special of Project HOME that was done. I have probably 50 discs of stuff so I finally gave up. If anyone has it handy and could send it to me, that would be swell. Thanks!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Christmas Has Come Early!!

Greetings my friends.

I believe yesterday was the biggest day in this blog's history. You all REALLY wanted to know about the film, didn't you?! I can't believe the number of people who visited the site from all over the world - North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. (updated to add my Aussie friends ... sorry ... *bows head in shame*)

If there is anything Jon Bon Jovi has taught us (besides optimism is much more fun than pessimism) ... its to have a generous spirit because giving something to others makes us, ourselves, feel good.

To celebrate ... well ... everything and anything, I am going to give away some "blog candy."

What is that exactly? Well, I'm going to randomly (using the random number generator online) pick someone and send them a Bon Jovi goodie bag. What's in the bag? Well, I'm not sure yet ... need to look thru my stash, but I guarantee it will have fun things from the Philadelphia Soul and Bon Jovi - with at least one SIGNED JBJ item.

So ... how do you win this special package? Its simple! Just leave a comment below in the comment section answering these two things:

1. What is your favorite Bon Jovi memory? (I know this is nearly impossible for some of us ... sheesh ... one moment from the last 25 years?!) I just think its nice to hear the impact this band has had on people's lives.

2. What would you like to see more of on this site? I spend the time to update this site not just for me, but for you all too. Of course, keep in mind that I do have a job and friends and other commitments so I can't promise anything, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

P.S. I do plan to have more polls in the future ... y'all seem to like voting. (FYI ... the next poll will be posted on Monday, May 4th.)

Okay. That's it. That's all you have to do. You must answer both questions. And you can only enter once (yes, I have my ways of finding out ... hehehe)

You have until SUNDAY, MAY 3rd at MIDNIGHT EST to leave a comment (so my international friends, make sure you enter in time!)

I will announce the winner on Monday. If you usually comment "anonymously" please be sure to include some nickname in your post. After the announcement, the winner will have 48 hours to contact me at to claim your prize (so I can get your mailing address ... LOL!)