Monday, March 23, 2009

Richie ... I need you!

Okay, as a lifelong Jonny girl, you are probably surprised to find that I'm begging for Richie Sambora.

Here's the deal ... I can play bassoon (which admittedly most people can't). I can play flute. I can play piano. Heck, I can play the kazoo (okay, that doesn't require that much talent.) But, I can't for the life of me play the guitar! Yes, that "everyman's instrument" that people play around the campfire and at family picnics...nope, not me.

I have been attempting to teach myself guitar for several months now and have hit a wall (or almost thrown the guitar against it, for that matter.) Its extremely frustrating. I try to justify to myself its simply because I'm a wind player. But, then again, I did play cello in high school for two years ... okay, not particularly well, but nonetheless.

I have come to the conclusion that I need lessons. Its hard for me to admit that I can't do something myself (especially when it comes to music), but I am now convinced that's what its gonna take. And who better to teach me the guitar than a guitar god himself, right? Also, I just simply think Richie would have more patience than Jon Bon Jovi. So, Richie ... whaddya say?

Unfortunately, its probably not going to happen .... so I'll have to settle for this.

I was in Colony Records the other day (basically NYC's heaven-on-earth for people who love music) and was searching through the zillions of songbooks (yes, I have every Bon Jovi/Jon Bon Jovi songbook ever released I think) and started perusing the guitar section.

Of course, I almost bought it because, well ... its Bon Jovi ... its music ... and the picture is from one of my greatest concert memories. But, I was a good girl and held off - at least for now. (By the way, there is also a book for "The Early Years" ... which I might just need to get because it has In These Arms.)

P.S. A funny side note -- there was a label on the divider that probably was supposed to read "with score" ... but someone had inadvertently reversed it, so the sign simply read "score with Bon Jovi" ... I thought ... hmmmmmmmmm. LOL