Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Another Manic ... FRIDAY?!

Well, another week has come to an end ... where does the time go? That's alright with me because I'm looking forward to having a fun weekend with some of my Jovi/Soul girls.

Obviously, there is no shortage of live music options when you live in NYC -- from the Met Opera to visiting orchestras at Carnegie to little jazz clubs downtown. But, still every once in a while I must get my Jovi fix. And luckily, I know just the place to go! New Jersey, of course!

I have heard a number of Bon Jovi cover bands in my day, but we in the tri-state area (yes, I know there are other tri-state areas, but really ...) are lucky to have a terrific Jovi tribute band called Slippery When Wet.

Why do I like this band more than just about all the others? Because they can actually play and sing!

Sure, they sort of look like the guys but they don't try to BE the guys and I appreciate that. The lead singer (Mike) can truly deliver a song and always impresses the heck out of me with his range ... yes, he actually does all those ridiculously high lines at the end of Runaway. And his axeman (Chris) is a guitar whiz. Its not easy to live up to a fan's ideal of Richie Sambora, but this guy really does.

Also, they do songs that we'd actually like to hear Bon Jovi play again live (Homebound Train, 99 in the Shade, In and Out of Love, etc) and do a great mix of all the eras. Their version of Lost Highway is quite good. I have seen Edge of a Broken Heart on their setlist, but have yet to hear it live ...

So, anyway ... some of the girls and I are going to see them a couple of times this weekend. I figure that should hold me until the Vegas show later this month.

Speaking of Vegas, I always like going to those shows because ... well ... its Vegas. Historically the concerts there have been awesome - the HAND one, in particular, totally rocked with an impromptu acoustic Never Say Goodbye at the end. (Rue ... I am still looking for that...) If you plan on going, please track me down. Fiction Mistress and I will be happy to have a little party ... though if you know the Fiction Mistress, it is not likely to be little. LOL

Well, that's all for now folks.

P.S. Did you see my Twitter yesterday about Brett Favre joining the Soul ... yes, literally almost gave me a heart attack! It was an April Fool's joke. It wasn't funny. (Umm...not a fan, can you tell?!)

On another note, the new Yankee Stadium has its first exhibition game today ... I hope that the rain isn't an indicator of the season to come ... argh.

P.S.2. Okay ... and now something completely unrelated that goes under the category of ...

Jon Bon Jovi - what the hell were you thinking?

Every time I hear this song I have the same reaction. How did this not make the record ... any record? Obie, please add to the next box set ... "200million Bon Jovi Fans Have Been Pestering Me to Do This" ... LOL (not sure of the accuracy of the text in this video (Stefania?!?), except that it was a b-side somewhere ... which is how we all have it in the first place!

Its a shame we don't really have "singles" here in the States, but thank goodness other places do so we can get some of these songs Jon inevitably cuts from the record.