Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heads Up!

Hello friends! Just wanted to let you know that I was recently invited to serve as a contributing writer for Jukesnet, the best Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes site around. Y'all know how much I absolutely LOVE that man and that band, so I'm incredibly honored. :-)

Therefore, going forward, most of my reviews and write-ups about the band will appear there before they are posted here on my own blog. In fact, you can go there right now to read my write-up of last Friday's show in New Jersey.

And, here are a few teaser pictures ... more over on the Jukesnet site.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Before You Know It...

Greetings friends! Well, it seems that the first hints of Spring are trying to break through here in The Big Apple (meaning it's raining and my allergies are kicking in.)

If Spring is coming, then Summer must be just around the corner -- for in New York City, Spring usually lasts for only two weeks before the heat rolls in and you're perched in front of a crappy window a/c unit, praying that the power doesn't go out in your poorly-wired pre-war building. (I am still wondering exactly which war they're referring to, by the way. LOL)

BUT .. with the onslaught of Summer comes the slew of great outdoor concerts -- everything from the New York Philharmonic in Central Park to Southside Johnny at The Stone Pony (which by the way is July 2nd this year.)

Speaking of the Pony, I wanted to mention a great young band I heard when I was at a show there last year.

Outside the Box is four YOUNG guys from New Jersey and New York City. (And, I mean young ... as in I was going to Jovishows before they were even born! Scary!) Regardless of their age, these are musicians that "get it" when it comes to good music. Already a favorite on the Jersey Shore scene, the band seems to have a keen understanding of the history of that place and seem to have embraced it well ... to me, it's a somewhat classic rock-n-roll sound with the fresh, exciting energy that comes with youth.

To check them out for yourself, I recommend you click HERE and download their song Furnace for FREE. When you do, it also serves as a vote for them to win an invitation to perform at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee ... so CLICK!! NOW.

Having recently done a mini-tour of gigs throughout the East Coast (complete with amusing road stories, of course), OTB has been in the studio over the last couple of months working on an album to be released later this year (produced by music guru Jeff Kazee.) Personally, I can't wait to hear it and am hoping it will include their extremely popular and catchy (which is NOT a bad thing) song, Suddenly Saturday.

Take a listen ...

Love the opening lyrics to that song ... pretty mature for a bunch of 20-somethings.

I’m picking up the pieces of all the nights we left behind
Arranging all the evidence collecting in my mind
I can use it as a weapon or I can use it as a shield
I’m terrified of myself and the power that I wield.

On top of it, they're also just a nice bunch of guys ... follow them on Twitter at @OTBMusic.

Well, that's all for now, folks. Those of you looking for my review of the Jukes show in Collingswood on Friday (which was a HOOT!) ... it will be published tomorrow on Jukesnet.

So ... what's next? More Jukes! Friday night at Mohegan Sun. :-)

p.s. ... and just in case you forgot already, go to THIS LINK and download the song!