Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rat Race: Who Says You Can't Go Home

So, this is the final installment of Rat's journey thru New Jersey. If you missed the earlier entries, check out Part1 and Part 2.

The last we saw Rat, he was making his way down the Atlantic City Expressway towards some surf and sand. But, first we needed to stop and do a little shopping ... who knew that rats liked Crocs so much?!? (As you can see, he pimped them out with Bon Jovi-inspired Superman "bling.")

With all that gambling, eating and drinking at the Taj Mahal the night before, Rat had a hard time getting up the next day and needed copious amounts of coffee (or maybe that was me?!?)

It was such a beautiful day, we decided to hang out for a bit on the boardwalk outside our hotel.

Ahhh .. the Jersey shore ...

For those who did not know, there's an awesome cat sanctuary outside the Taj Mahal. Things were going fine until Rat got a little too close ... LOL

"uh oh ... I think I'm gonna be dinner!"

Then, it was back in the van for the last leg of our road tour ....

Of course, we were hungry by that point so we stopped at Umberto's for some pizza ... right across the river from Jon's New Jersey home.

Once Rat had basically finished ALL the pizza, he was ready for his close-up ... LOL

I have to say that it was probably one of the best darn pizzas I've had in quite some time. And everyone at the restaurant was awesome ... probably helped that we had an Italian with us ... but nonetheless, what a nice group of people!

But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end -- even Jon Bon Jovi road trips ...

So, after three days ... numerous miles ... countless laughs ... an incredible number of sites (there are some I didn't even picture here - including Richie's old house, Richie's childhood house, David's old house, Alec's old house, the car wash from the SWW artwork and a few other places) ... it was time for Rat's journey to end.

Stefania - who knows everything there ever was to know about Bon Jovi
Steffi - who did all the driving and got us to each location safe and sound
Rike - who was fearless in taking pictures
Sandy - who videotaped most of everything ... we will probably be blackmailed for years to come ... LOL

On a personal note
, I will never forget our trip thru Jon Bon Jovi's New Jersey. With good friends, great music, fantastic food and so many smiles, this is what underlines what the Bon Jovi Sisterhood is all about. And all I can say is ...

Oh .. yeah.


clip is by Deb308 from Backstage, who takes the most awesome videos!