Monday, March 9, 2009

One Wild Night ... okay, actually TWO wild nights

My head is still spinning from my last two nights with the Jukes. Holy cow!

Saturday's show was absolutely amazing ... one of the best shows of theirs I think I've ever seen. Trumpet player Mark Pender rejoined the Jukes for these two shows and he was just fantastic.

No suprise visit from Jon Bon Jovi ... BUT we did have an awesome guest appearance by none other than Little Steven van Zandt. The place went crazy. And, of course, that meant that the show went longer. The setlist, in typical Southside fashion, was abandoned somewhere after the third song I think.

If you know the Jukes, then you can appreciate that we got ALL the hits - Talk to Me, Without Love, Trapped Again, Love on the Wrong Side of Town, Hearts of Stone (with Little Steven), The Fever, I Don't Want to Go Home ... just too many to name them all. But they also did some wonderful album tracks, including a few great songs from "Into the Harbor."

One thing I love about seeing the Jukes is that you are RIGHT there. No barriers. No distance between you and what's happening on stage. I was lucky enough to have a front row spot between Southside and Jeff Kazee - seriously, close enough to tickle Jeff's feet in his yellow sneakers if I wanted to.

I will try to post some videos of the shows soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip of "Its Been A Long Time" from way back - they all look so young. They did this song Sunday night, but I don't think anyone knew Little Steven was there yet.