Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh the Good Old Days ...

Having done the post yesterday about Obie and thinking back on those BJTV webisodes, I just HAD to go back and watch a few. Here's one of my all-time favorites ...

Poor Jonny is so focused on getting it all right, I think he might have completely missed lunch. Every other shot of him, he's trying to work thru what seems like mostly the transitions in "Right Side of Wrong." And, what about yelling for David while he was sitting at the piano. "LEMA!"

I love Tico ... "can you get rid of the doink?"

And, then of course, there's Richie and David ... its amazing the whole group can stop laughing long enough to get work done.

But in the end, you know they do (cuz Jon would kick their butts if they didn't) AND because of their love for making music. But, as this shows ... the creative process isn't always an easy one. ;-)