Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Recap of Clinton/Jon Bon Jovi Event

Okay ... its getting late but wanted to post quickly my thoughts/comments/review of the Clinton event.

First off, WHAT A REMARKABLE DAY ... "the miracle on the Hudson" -- I can't believe not a single person died in that plane crash! Smart pilot. Great rescue effort. NY pulling together like it always does in times of trouble.

Met JerzyJovi at Penn Station. Had lunch with her and her sister. Fantastic time!

We got in a cab and walked straight into the venue at about 6pm (event started at 7pm) ... we didn't wait in line ... didn't freeze our tushes off ... and I STILL got a seat in the 7th row on the aisle!

Event started a bit late ... they were trying to wait as long as possible because Senator Clinton ... well I guess soon-to-be Secretary of State Clinton couldn't fly in because the airports were closed after the crash - so she took Amtrak up from DC.

Anyway, since you all are waiting on the Jon Bon Jovi part ... I'll recap that quickly ...
Personnel: Jon, Lorenza, Bobby and Jeff
Who Says
Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Here Comes the Sun

Jon sounded absolutely frickin awesome on Change ... a real departure for him musically and I absolutely applaud it ... he did a GREAT job!

Bill Clinton spoke (and I got to shake his hand ... ahhhhhh ... those who know me in RL know I'm a big Clinton fan), Chelsea spoke and then Hillary spoke. Inspired, heartfelt. Great.

More to come tomorrow ... but in the meantime ...

P.S. The one annoyance of the night was after Jon left and got into the car ... as is the case with NY and traffic, the SUV couldn't just pull out and drive away ... and there were all these crazy women chasing the car down the street. Get a grip people!

P.S.2. Oh and I forgot ... afterwards we stopped by the Hard Rock to get some t-shirts. You should see the awesome signage they have for the Soul Foundation - woo hoo! We had met up with another fc member and ended the night with cheesecake from Junior's. (If you don't know Junior's cheesecake, you don't know cheesecake! LOL)

P.S.3. I keep adding more ... ha ha. One of the nicer moments of the evening ...

So, in front of me was this handsome middle-aged man who had attended the event by himself. With the event delayed, people were just chatting with those around them and he turned around to me and casually asked if I had seen Bon Jovi before. (I thought "ok ... lets not scare the nice gentleman ... don't want him to think I'm a wacko.") So, I casually said yes, I'm a fan and that I have seen Jon solo and the band Bon Jovi several times. We continued to talk a bit until the event started. About halfway thru Jon's set, the man turned back to me and simply said "Wow! He can REALLY sing!" ... a huge smile broke out on my face. Yes, he really can.