Saturday, January 24, 2009

Legendary Performances #1

There are certain performances that will live on in Bon Jovi lore forever. Having been to "a few" concerts (next tour, I'll hit 200 ...oyyy!), I've been blessed to have witnessed some of this magic first-hand.

I thought it would be fun to revisit some of those special moments from over the years. The thing is ... I need YOU to help decide which of those moments should be included on the list. So, send me an e-mail at or leave a comment here.

I will start with one I was lucky enough to experience.

#1 Livin' on a Prayer at Madison Square Garden during the Have A Nice Day tour. I was blessed with a 7th row seat on Richie's side - yes, this was the night he sliced his finger open and bled all over several of his guitars (just adds to the mystique of the night.)

The concert was electric from start to finish ... including one of the best damn covers of "Treat Her Right" ever (available here on YouTube. If you like to see Jonny "dance" ... you should definitely check it out.)

Jon was simply on fire that night. Definitely the right night for the gold pants. I honestly don't know how he didn't just pass out by the end of the show, it was THAT amazing. And its got all the right elements, including a quintessential David shirt and Richie's leopard fedora. ;-)

Besides the guys being absolutely "on", what made it special was the crowd, which played a significant part as evidenced in this clip. We were so damn loud, the guys didn't even have to really sing. Seriously, at this point, they could have just sat back and had a pizza.

Ohh...the rockstar jump at the end always gets me.

And to think ... they then did two encore sets after that.

So, were you at this show? I'd love to hear your memories of it.

P.S. Up next ... probably one of the top 5 Bon Jovi moments EVER ... Something to Believe In from Yokohama ... you know the one.