Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking Forward to Tonight!

So, yesterday was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ... I got an amazing package from my German girls (I LOVE YOU GUYS!) and then I found out about the death of a dear friend and good colleague. So my head is all over the place.

You know what I could use right now?! A little live Bon Jovi (or at least some Jonny)! And, I'm in luck, because tonight is the Hillary Clinton/JBJ event. Can't wait to hear what he's got ready for us!

A lot of talk has gone around about Jon Bon Jovi possibly entering the political arena and running for office. One little thing ... if he were to campaign, most of it would have to be by bus ... whatdya think about that Jon? LOL

update: its snowing like crazy here in NYC ... maybe lots of people will cancel and I'll get to move up from my "heavenly seat" down a bit to rejoin society ... in any case, will post tomorrow all the news ...