Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Word of the Year: Believe

Don't look up to your movie screens
In record stores or magazines.
Close your eyes and you will see
That you are all you really need.

I believe, I believe.
With every breath that I breathe,
You and me can turn a whisper to a scream.

I believe.
I believe.

I recently got into scrapbooking ... very much inspired by the super-talented Willow. As such, I'm working on something called "Project 52" where I do a layout per week that centers around the same word.

As you can see, the word I chose for 2009 is "believe." I think it really sums up so much of the mindset I (and so many others) need to keep. So, of course, first off ... I must post a video of Bon Jovi ... right?

Here's a clip from Twickenham of "I Believe" from this last tour. (I love how Jon goes thru the audience and sees which songs they have done at that point.)

Isn't that a great video? Here's a few things I gleaned from it:

1. I BELIEVE Jon Bon Jovi still has the pipes to sing just about anything he wants (as evidenced in the Sam Cooke cover on Thursday night.)
2. I BELIEVE the band really does love playing that "old" stuff ... look at Richie and Dave rockin' out!
3. I BELIEVE that Jon might actually have more guitar chops on electric than I originally thought. (sorry, Jon)

So...what is your word for the year? Do you have one? Think about it ...

Obviously, I will be touching on this word a lot during the year ... and certainly over the next week. Woo hoo!