Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Another Reason Why I Love NYC

So, I was on my way home from an interview today (it went very well by the way ... keep your fingers crossed, its an awesome job!) and went down into Penn Station to catch the subway.

Down in the station - right in front of the McDonalds - was an absolutely kick-ass jazz band. The sax section absolutely rocked and everyone from the bass player to the trombonist could play ... and I mean really PLAY. I ended up standing there for a good 30 minutes listening to them. Anyone in/around NYC try to catch them on Friday nights at Penn Station and on Thursdays at 42nd Street. The Alex LoDico Ensemble. I tried to find a good YouTube clip of them but those I found just didn't do them justice.

But, here's one of a group of another group I've seen before ...

Its part of the Music Under New York program. When I was a student, I actually subbed (filled-in) a couple of times for a bassoonist in an ensemble that often plays at Grand Central Station. It was so much fun - we made some money, not much - but we played a heck of a lot of great repertoire and hung out with some interesting (and talented!) people.

So, what do you think it would take to get Bon Jovi to do a gig in the subway? LOL (Can't you just see security having a heart attack right now?!) Though, actually, I bet Richie Sambora would love to play with that band I saw today. He'd have a blast!

P.S. Oh ... and another reason I like NYC ... gloves+hat+long underwear for $10!! We are supposed to get slammed with snow tomorrow ... woo hoo, its winter!