Monday, January 19, 2009

We Are One (....but not really)

So, I have been playing the mp3 of "Change is Gonna Come" from the Thursday night Hillary event (thanks Rike!) over and over again. I seriously hope Jon has somehow heard it and realizes how absolutely awesome he sounded!

And reading the news today, it seems that many people were impressed with Jon Bon Jovi's performance during the "We Are One" concert yesterday. (And if they weren't, well that's their problem.) It was like this huge lightbulb went on in some people's heads and they realized, like the gentleman the other night, "wow ... he can really sing." Was the song selection an obvious choice for Jon, no ... but that's what made it special.

By the way ... a few more thoughts on the event yesterday ...

1. They really should have had Jon do "Shout" ... Garth Brooks was fine ... but nobody does it better than Jonny.

2. I'm with you, Fiction Mistress, we are all coveting Renee Fleming's red coat. I have always loved Fleming ... she has made being an opera diva more about style and smile than nastiness and battle (opera lovers will understand the inference ... *wink*)

3. Bruce looked and sounded absolutely fantastic. Period. Can't say much more than that!

4. Tiger Woods. Ahhh.

5. And finally, yes we are coming together as a country but the truth is we are not all one ... we are all different and that's what makes it all so great. Just look at the picture below ... (and look! its Jon's famous Michelin tire jacket ... LOL ... and, of course, he found himself sandwiched between Ashley Judd and Marisa Tomei! Good work there, Jonny.)