Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Cold Out There!

Well, winter is now here in full force. We've had snow ... a lot for NYC actually ... and now the cold has settled in and its just going to get worse over the next week. Hmm...what I wouldn't give for a little summertime .... ;-)

courtesy of Maxmouth

some "interesting" sliding around there at the beginning Richie ;-)

P.S. I know you were all expecting a post today about the Giants, but I'm still too flabbergasted by their lack of play to comment right now. As my friend P said, "who was that guy dressed in Eli Manning's jersey?!" ARGH!

Seriously, they could have put Jon in! Though he may have gotten a penalty flag for those pants. (just kidding, Jon!)

But as we mourn the end of the season, here is at least some Jonny in Giants garb ... isn't that just a great smile?!

I guess now we just wait for baseball ... perhaps a game of Bon Jovi vs ...?