Monday, January 5, 2009

So, Jonny ... whatcha doin' with that Dolphins Pin?

From yesterday's game ... where the Dolphins, by the way, played like ... well .. let's just say "not so well."

Makes me wonder what's going on there Jon? Friendship with Parcells aside, I know you're looking at ownership possibilities in the NFL. Considering you're wearing a suit ... hmm ... maybe there for a couple of meetings?

Just don't forget ... you still have a football team ...

Nonetheless, glad to see him looking rested. Ready to go back to work? Good - cause you promised a loud, rockin' record for 2009 ... and well, its already January 5th, so where the hell is it? LOL


So, what else does 2009 have in store ...? Only time will tell.

But, so far, looking forward to the Hillary event at Town Hall - which is actually one of those overlooked older venues in Manhattan - like City Center (which I love.) I played a couple of times at Town Hall ... hopefully they upgraded backstage .. I remember it was a bit scary. In any case, I'll be sure to give a report.

And, then, of course is the infamous fan club concert. Can't wait to see my Jovi girls and to see what "friends" will be joining Jon. (Can I please put my vote in for Uncle Southside?!?!)