Thursday, April 9, 2009

Amazed ... Again

So, ever since the Sayreville fan club show I've been a bit obsessed with the soundtrack from the Young Guns 2 movie. I guess hearing some of those songs live just struck a chord.

I will admit that I'm not much of a fan of that genre of film, but I'm a huge fan of the music. In actuality, there are many films I have seen where I can't remember a bit of the plot, but I remember the score...LOL

Probably, my favorite movie music of all time is the score from "Out of Africa" ... it is simply the most lush, heavily orchestrated, soaringly melodic score I've ever heard and I just LOVE it. The lines are so pure and simple that they make you melt - and though the orchestrations are a bit typical from a symphonic standpoint, it just makes me happy to remember a time when movies actually employed A LOT of musicians.

Anyway, if you've never heard it ... aww hell ... I'll just include it here. After the intro, when that main theme starts, I think its one of the biggest "ahhhhhhhh" moments I've ever heard.

Back to Jon Bon Jovi and the Young Guns soundtrack. You can understand why he was hooked and wanted to be involved in more films -- he had the opportunity to do things artistically that were so diverse. But, what amazes me is when I think of how young he actually was when he wrote that.

I also think about how much he probably had to bust his tail doing it ... I mean, how many times had he worked with a chorus or orchestrated his songs? I remember my first foray into real orchestration and pulling my hair out with the transpositions of the different instruments --- Okay, here's your music lesson for the day: not all instruments are pitched in the same key. For example, there is Bb clarinet and A clarinet (actually also Eb clarinet and bass clarinet) ... flute and bassoon play in C ... there is generally Bb and C trumpet (tho that can vary) ... french horn ... well, lets just skip that one, its complicated.

In any case, you can see that taking on a project like this was not a simple endeavor.

On top of that, there is the lyrical content. Now, I'm sure there was inspiration there from the script, but still when you think of some of the great lines and emotions of the songs, you realize how really mature some of the writing was.

Here are a couple of video clips by a Bon Jovi fan of two of my favorite tracks ... though, in actuality I think the album is great from start to finish.

(and I would have loved to been in the studio when he recorded this one ....)

P.S. I must say when I listen to the whole album, I get more and more disappointed that he didn't win the Oscar. I do believe our boy was robbed! Billy get your guns ... LOL