Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

I was over at my friend H's last night trying to do something creative (rather than just continue to mope about) and a song came on that put a smile on my face because it instantly took me back to Philadelphia about a little more than a year ago.

You know the weekend. Opening Soul game. Two concerts at the Wachovia Center. Jon Bon Jovi's birthday. It was a helluva few days!

I was lucky enough to go to soundcheck for the March 3rd show at the Wachovia Center. It was a very small group of us (most people had gone the day before) and the atmosphere was very light -- I'm sure the guys were feeling the effects of the previous night's show and party at the Ritz.

At some point, Jon said why don't we do "Glad All Over" ... they figured out the key transition from that to "Lost Highway" ... he wanted to keep the house lights up during the song so that it was like a big party ... and this was the result ...

Sidebar: I always laugh when Jon "paws" at the ground with his right foot. He does that a lot. Southside does it too. Always reminds me of a horse getting antsy.

It was a short soundcheck ... Jon had joked "tell everybody that last night's concert was really great because I'm gonna do four songs tonight and go home to bed" LOL

The show was actually very good - tho I remember Jon having a coughing fit in the middle of Born to Be My Baby and I thought we were going to lose him there for a moment. I also remember we got Blood Money that night - which he had done during the rehearsal but I really didn't think he'd do at the show. I was very happily wrong on that one!

In any case, its one year later and ... no tour ... no Soul ... and a feeling like we will never get those days back. :-(