Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Whole Lot of Jovi Goin' On ...

Greetings from the Baked Apple ... its way too hot this early in the year ... funny thing is, that no matter how hot, that first cup of coffee still feels sooo good. :-)

Anyway, there are a few things on my mind today ...

LP Voting
First off, I thought I'd just post a bit of a reminder that the poll will be closing soon on the Legendary Performances voting for Someday I'll Be Saturday Night. By the way, I'm never giving y'all an option again for "both" ... that's the easy way out ... LOL.

If you missed the two entries, click here. If you've already voted, but still haven't had enough (can you ever have too much Bon Jovi?), here's something for you ... (TAALS/SIBSN from Letterman)

Yes, I guess you would have to edit that opening line on national television. ;-)

The Man
Also on my mind today is my overwhelming respect for Jon Bon Jovi, the man. I get frustrated explaining why it is I admire Jon so much. I really try not to get too snarky when harassed about it (especially from some of my snobby classical music colleagues) ... I just simply start rattling off the various projects he has done and continues to do. Either they will "get it" or they won't. (As for the musical part of converting people, I actually have a 2-disc set called "So You Think You Know Bon Jovi" that I have given to several of my friends. Their musicianship is so obvious - particularly in certain songs - that a musician from any genre couldn't help but acknowledge their talent.)

Back to the man ... even though his philanthropic work has been recognized more and more as of late, the fact that he keeps things pretty low profile speaks to the kind of person he actually is.

Speaking of recognition, if you haven't seen the clip of Jon's speech at the Can-Do Awards, visit Hath's blog.

And, last but certainly not least ... I want to wish a very, very happy birthday to my friend Rike in Germany. Our friendship is proof that Bon Jovi brings people together from all over the world. Rike grew up in East Germany, I grew up in Chicago. Yet, she and I have become wonderful friends and her insight, honesty and love is something I cherish.

And since Rike is a Richie girl, I thought I'd better do a little tribute to Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome (who seemed to be having a rip-roaring time in Vegas)...

So, for you Rike ... Its All Richie All The Time