Monday, April 6, 2009

Bon Jovi: A Song for All Seasons

Sometimes its just one of those days ...

This is yet another reason why I have devoted my eternal appreciation to the dynamic songwriting duo of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora: they really do have a song for just about everything.

There are times you just feel lousy and you don't want an optimistic, upbeat rock song ... sometimes you just want to sit around and mope (as long as it doesn't last for too long.) Admittedly, when it comes to Bon Jovi, they don't do that many of these types of songs ... but when they do, damn they're good!

So, what is your "rainy days and Mondays" song ... (did you catch on Twitter that Hath and I texted that at exactly the same time ... a total Twilight Zone moment!)

P.S. I'm sure y'all saw the news about the screening of the new documentary, "When We Were Beautiful" at the Tribeca Film Festival. (I'll withhold my comments right now on the title ...) Anyway, hoping to catch it either with the fan club ... or if I can get a ticket when AMEX tickets go on sale (on my birthday ... that would be a nice present to myself!)