Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride Continues for AFL

Well, this is certainly disturbing news ...
The future of the Arena Football League appeared to darken this week as
its acting commissioner resigned, and league owners were reportedly set to
discuss options including a possible full shutdown.

Acting AFL commissioner Ed Policy abruptly stepped down Monday, leaving the dormant league without a top executive as it struggled to regain footing after canceling the 2009 season.

Policy's departure was reported in Monday's edition of Street &
Smith's SportsBusiness Journal.
In the wake of the resignation, a league source said the AFL's board of directors
was set to convene via conference call later Monday to discuss options including
possible dissolution.
At this point, I just don't know what to think. There has been so much speculation and rumors have run rampant with comments ranging from "all systems go" to "complete and total failure." At this point, all we can do is wait and see.

As much as we'd all just like Jon Bon Jovi, John Elway and those guys to just step in and take care of it, that's just not feasible. For the League to be strong, individual teams have to be strong ... and vice versa. Though there are some strong teams (including our Soul), many teams are struggling for various reasons, some of which is due to the League office's shortcomings.

I have my own thoughts about Jon's continued involvement with the Soul and the AFL, but don't want to speculate on that here (there's enough misinformation going around.)

Suffice it to say (and as much as it pains me), I would just walk away right now.

But, lets not end on such a sad note ... let's remember the fun we have had and what has been accomplished ...
- 5 years of cheering for our team and getting to know the players
- countless charity drives at the games for Philadelphia-area organizations
- performance and learning opportunities for young kids including the Junior Soulmates, the Band & Drumline and the "Music Thru Peace" initiative (aka Mike and Mike)
- dozens of houses built thru the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation

oh, yeah ...

and forever having the title of ...