Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wowow - Thank You for Loving US

I swear that I'm going to send a basket of bagels (well, I am a NYer!!) to Wowow TV in Japan as a thank you gift. I'm sure they'd taste great with a little sashimi and wasabi.

I was lamenting that it has been so long since I heard "Thank You for Loving Me" ... and there aren't that many good videos of it live.

Oh, Jonny ... please work this back into the setlist ... any setlist ... anywhere. We really do love you, ya know!

Well ... and since I'm posting ... here's ASA#5 ...

While visiting New York City, you must have a bagel. It would be sacrilegious not to! Now, there are many options -- H&H, Murray's, Kossar's, Bagelfellers, Zabars ... deciding which is the best can get just about as heated a discussion as whether you put ketchup or mustard on your pork roll sandwich (you Jersey people know what I mean, right?)

But, my favorite is Ess-A-Bagel. There's just something about their nice, hot, doughy bagels with cream cheese. And they freeze well, too ... so feel free to buy half a dozen and bring them home with you. The people sitting near you on the plane will hate you, but you will get brownie points for helping boost the NYC economy. :-)