Thursday, February 5, 2009

Legendary Performance #3: STYG

Hope you are all well out there, my phantom readers. I'm freezing my tush off here in NYC ... its just too damn cold!

Today's Legendary Performance is a very recent one. And one I would have loved to experience in person ... next tour I'm going to EUROPE!!! "Stick to Your Guns" from the Amsterdam show in 2008.

Well, Jon Bon Jovi can never say his fans don't tell him exactly what they want - as can be evidenced by this video.

With the fans holding up lyric sheets in the front row, Jon and Richie really gave it their all. I don't know many artists that would, in front of 50,000 people, do something like this. Was it perfect? No. Was it legendary? Absolutely.

I always loved their belief that Bon Jovi is just a great bar band that happens to play in REALLY big bars. It's moments like these that they truly embody that belief.

I had to include this video as well because its just so great ... I love Jon saying "slow down" to Richie in the beginning. And you can tell Jon is really reading the lyric sheets. (FYI - from my "sources," Jon wasn't actually flipping off somebody in particular, it was just that one of the sheets fell so he was a bit stuck ... LOL)

P.S. Ok .. and just because its my blog and I CAN ... this post was also about all the comments going around about how Jon doesn't care about his fans in light of the cancellation of a certain event. There's a lot more to that story. That's all I'm gonna say.