Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rockstar Card Kit No. 1

Greetings Jovinuts!

I have cool friends ... they do cool things ... and yet every time I am looking for a birthday card or a simple notecard to send to one of them, mostly I find things with flowers and pastels and fluff. I can totally understand how Tico felt when he created his Rockstar Baby line. So a while back, I started creating my own cards ... and now, after some cajoling (ok, pressure!) from some of my friends, I'm making them available to all of you!

So, welcome to my new line of Bon Jovi/Rock-n-Roll inspired cards. Whether you are an experienced scrapbook person or craft person, or you have never created anything in your life, YOU CAN DO THIS!

What do you get? You will receive enough pre-cut, pre-stamped supplies to make 4 cards of each of the three designs below, including all the ribbon and embellishments. You'll even receive the perfect adhesive you need to assemble them. And the great thing is that the patterned paper is double-sided so that multiplies your options for creating your own design of card.

SO ... that's a total of 12 cards for $25 ... less than $3 per card!

This kit will be available thru June 20th (or while supplies last.)

Pssst! You know ... if you take a black pen and write the name of our favorite band on the banner in the heart, it would be PERFECT for your Jovinut friends!

This kit is great for beginners (ya know ... those of you who haven't touched paper and glue since elementary school) and just want something fun and different to do for an hour ... or for those experienced with scrapbooking and stamping who might want to change up the cards some.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

You can simply click below to order the kit.

Rockstar Card Kit No. 1 - $25
plus s/h $5 ... currently only available in the U.S.
(For overseas customers, please contact me directly at

P.S. Are you already a scrapbooker? Like the paper or the ribbon or the brads, but don't necessarily want the card kit. You can order your own supplies by clicking the Stampin' Up logo in the upper left hand corner of the blog.