Monday, June 15, 2009

Its NOT Okay to be a Little Broken

So, after hundreds of miles back and forth, criss-crossing the country ... my Starland CD finally arrived. And, of course, it didn't quite survive all the trials, tribulations and travels. The jewel case basically disintegrated when I opened it and the insert is completely mangled.

So, now starts the arduous task of trying to get a replacement copy ... hmm, wonder what fun and exotic places this one will visit before arriving on my doorstep. Bali? New Zealand? Singapore? I swear, in my next lifetime I'm coming back as a fan club CD! LOL

Perhaps Jon Bon Jovi has a couple of extra copies at his place and I can just hop on the subway and pick one up ... (as long as I don't stop at the Kate's Paperie in Soho on the way ... that place is DEADLY ...)

P.S. New poll is going up tonight ... I PROMISE!!