Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summertime...Or So They Say...

Happy Tuesday y'all! Sorry its been a little hit-and-miss with me and posting lately -- been a lot going on.

Well, the countdown to Summerfest has begun!! Its less than two weeks now until the boys will be rocking the Marcus Amphitheatre in Milwaukee. And, I don't know about you, but I'm seriously ready for a little bit of summer. We've had some strange weather as of late here in the Rainy-One-Day-Beautiful-the-Next Indecisive Apple.

So, to psych ourselves up for next week, the new poll is all about summer, may it finally arrive (at which time we will all be moaning and complaining about the heat and humidity and the aromatic character of the city ... LOL)

Up first, the absolutely sublime coupling of We Will Rock You with Summertime. FANTASTIC!

Okay ... our second video is one of my favorite pairings with I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (which admittedly isn't one of my faves, but is a blast live.)

Blogger was being cranky, I had tried to upload this one - which is from one of the three amazing nights in Giants Stadium at the end of the HAND tour. Oh, what nights those were!! (I am still depressed that the boys won't be closing Giants ... but hey! there's a new stadium opening right next door ... HINT HINT!!)

Now, as for Summerfest ... just wondering what song(s) you all would like to hear? All I can say is, "Jon Bon Jovi, I have one word for you ... BOUNCE!" I'll take just about anything from that oft-neglected record (tho my preference would be Undivided.)

P.S. Word from Brothers is that they are sending me a new cd "right away" ... oh, and Rue, I agree with you. I think it sounds pretty darn good - I will even forgive them for creative editing ... still not sure everything on there was from night one ... *wink wink*