Thursday, June 18, 2009

Destination Found...?

A little piece of history according to a Google alert ... on this day back in 1997, Jon Bon Jovi made his solo debut at a NY club in support of "Destination Anywhere."

I'm trying my darndest to remember back then ... I was in New York already (arrived here in '89) ... I was already a Bon Jovi fan ... I did see one, maybe two, small concerts with songs from the album ... I just can't remember. Lordy, I'm getting old!

In any case, its good reason to post about the record ... what?! like not having a reason has stopped me before ...? My love for this album is VERY well documented. LOL

Anyway, over on Hath's blog, she asked what our two fave tracks are. (You should visit her blog - I love those clips - and Bobby sounds awesome, too.)

Well, no surprise to anyone that "Every Word..." would be my first. Y'all know how hard I'd been lobbying for that song. I can now die happy.

It was a little harder for me to pick the second - I love the groove of "Midnight in Chelsea" and the lyrical content of "Janie ..." and the rawness of "Naked."

But, in the end I went with "Destination Anywhere" ... I think it speaks to those feelings that exist in all of us at times. Also, did you somehow feel that with the song "Lost Highway" things had sort of come full circle? The first time I heard LH, I immediately thought of DA ... like a resolution of what was going on in Jon's head back in 95/96 ...

Destination anywhere ... left or right, I don't care ... pack a bag and we're out of here ... let's run ... I've finally found my way ... say goodbye to yesterday ... hit the gas, there ain't no brakes on this Lost Highway ...

The connection between the two songs seems very obvious to me ... what do you think?

... in my rearview mirror, my life is getting clearer ... as the sunset sighs and slowly disappears ... maybe we'll just disappear, like the sun ...

P.S. Its another rainy day here in the Big Apple ... but the lights will be shining on Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora tonight. Not since Lennon-McCartney has there existed such an amazing songwriting duo. Congratulations!