Friday, May 29, 2009

Fixing Technology - Bon Jovi Style

Happy Friday Jovinuts!

For some reason, this seemed like the longest week known to man ... not sure why ...

Its been that "Murphy's Law" kind of week ... for example, I very rarely have to take the 4/5/6 subway line, but had to this week - so OF COURSE, this is the week its all screwed up and you have to go to Idaho and back to try to get to the East Side ... ARGH. I'm such a West Side snob ... LOL.

Or ... why is it that when I'm literally right about ready to walk out the door, THAT'S when the printer decides to go crazy. I'm usually the one everybody would come to when that happens ... they say that I have some magical printer powers ... you wanna know what I do?

I literally put my hands on the top of it and sing ... yep, you got it ...

Lay Your Hands on Me

and then restart it and hope it works. It usually does. See?! Even my printer likes Bon Jovi (though I have been known to sing "You Give HP a Bad Name" once or twice ... LOL)

So, in celebration of Bon Jovi/Jon Bon Jovi's ability to not only lift spirits and inspire, but also fix office machinery, here's the new poll ...

This is a song that has grown on me over the years. I have always loved the video ... I think it totally captured the raw excitement of a Bon Jovi show. I just think its one of those songs that's simply better live than Memorex (yes, I'm showing my age here ... remember those commercials?! LOL)

The other thing about this song is its chameleon ability ... so I chose two of my favorite performances for the poll. My other favorite is the version from TLFR which just blows me away.

(Speaking of blown away, I was not surprised that the "OMFG version" from last week won ... I was originally thinking of putting that one up against This Ain't A Love Song from Wembley, but decided that might be just a little too mean ... hehehe.)

So, here you go ... two great versions ... the first one is from, of course, "An Evening with Bon Jovi" which in my opinion, is the best all-around live performance I've ever seen ... from start to finish, pure perfection.

And, here's one from London - dontcha just love attending church?