Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Someday ...

The problem with having a holiday on Monday is that your Tuesday ends up being your Monday ... LOL. Its not like you just skip Monday all together and slide right into the week ... did you ever notice that?

So, I was trolling around YouTube just trying to get thru the day and for some reason, clips of "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night" just kept popping up.

I do love that song. Have from the first time I ever heard it. Maybe it just really resonated with me ... the slightly sad, the slightly optimistic - dependent upon the version. (I'm incredibly partial to the slow version from the Amsterdam HAND pre-release concert, included below.)

But, sometimes you just need a good kick in the a$$. And who better to give you that than Jon Bon Jovi, right?! Because, whatever your schedule is, its most likely not quite as bad as Jonny's can be.

Well, I found this video somebody made to one of my favorite concert versions ... they even wrote out what Jon says during the vamp section ... love it! This is why I always like hearing this song live -- you just never know what he's gonna say (tho admittedly, the last few times they did this, he didn't really expound on anything ... ummm... that was a hint, Jon!! subtle, huh?!)

In any case, luckily tomorrow is already Wednesday ... and before we know it, it will be Saturday night. ;-)