Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its All About That Combination of Words

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope this finds you well, my fellow Jovinuts.

Today's subject is words. Your words and the words of others.

First off, per your suggestions I'm looking for a guest reviewer for the upcoming summer show in New Brunswick -- no, not New Brunswick, New Jersey ... tho that would have been much easier for me.

For some reason, my desire to see every Bon Jovi show and the balance in my bank account just don't quite seem to jive. I MUST find a way to remedy that. LOL

Okay, so what do you need to do? Its simple, just let me know via e-mail (at bigapplejovi@yahoo.com) that you are interested in reviewing the show. Include a few lines about how their music has touched your life. Then, attend the show and write down your thoughts afterward. Pretty easy, huh?

You don't have to be a native English speaker or an accomplished writer, as long as you can communicate your excitement and honest thoughts about the concert. I do reserve the right, however, to edit your review (with you, of course) prior to posting. You can either include photos or not, no worries ... there are always plenty of pictures floating around.

Okay, on to the second order of business.

I think this week's poll really illustrates the challenges of songwriting - how certain words or combination of words (and their corresponding emotions) can get stuck in your head and you keep writing until you finally feel like you can say what needs to be said.

Hmm...how many songs have one or more of these words in the title - open, arms, night, these, all? Lets see, we've got: These Open Arms, In These Arms, Open All Night, These Arms are Open All Night, Open All Night (the other one) - did I forget any?

Jon Bon Jovi said in the film that there are album tracks he really likes, but the crowd doesn't want to hear (which received a big reaction and very verbal "nooo" by the way from the fan club at the premiere. LOL) He mentioned Open All Night from the Bounce record specifically.

Personally, I think the song is good, but prefer Open All Night from the box set. So, what do you think? You can vote at the left.

The winner will take on the absolutely devastating performance from the Borgata of These Arms Are Open All Night.