Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do You Believe in Magic?

So, I finally got to hear the recording from the fan club show at the Starland Ballroom back in February. No, not because I actually received mine ... which at this point should be earning frequent flyer miles for the number of times its been shipped back and forth to wrong addresses (grrrr) ... but a friend got one to me.

Listening to it certainly brought me back to that night *now singing Billy Joel ... Oh What a Night ... late December back in '63 ...*

Ooops ... sorry. Back to the post ...

Anyway, all those feelings of hearing those songs at the Sayreville show came back and I tried to remember the last time I had felt that way at a Bon Jovi show -- just standing there, slightly in awe, just taking in every word and every emotion. I didn't have to think too hard.

It was the Borgata show for the release of the box set. Oh, the Borgata. Every Bon Jovi show there has been stellar. But, this one I almost can't put into words -- between the first (and most likely, the only) time we'll ever hear some of those box set songs and all the hits, damn! And, seriously, one of the best Jon Bon Jovi stage moments in the last 25 years, introducing the band members as if he was the owner of a used car lot. Absolutely frickin' hysterical!

(Note to JBJ: I am still holding out hope for "River Runs Dry" ... my absolute favorite track off the box set. I think everybody in my office knew that song as it seems I had it on constant repeat for weeks.)

Here are a couple clips from the show.

First up, the song that makes me think "now THAT would be a funny Hallmark greeting card!" You could buy it for every ex you ever had ... LOL

and then there was THIS song ... there are two versions on the box set ... I personally like the original demo ... the whole sentiment and subject matter just overwhelms me ...

Of course, on that concert was the performance for the ages of "These Arms are Open All Night" ... but since that's next up in the voting, I won't post it now.

Anyway, so ... the fan club show recording. I'm not exactly convinced that everything on there was from that night, but that's for another time. I can say that when I continue to listen to this or remember shows like the 100Million and the TLFR ones at the Borgata, it makes me believe that truly magical nights do exist.

So, were you at this concert? What did you think? And those who weren't, what song off the box set are you hoping to hear?