Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perhaps I Should Move...?

Greetings y'all.

I must say I have been really surprised with the voting for "In These Arms" ... I was sure that bandana-clad Jonny was going to grab you. I will say that the line of the week goes to Catte Sambora's "...I'm a sucker for Hot Cubanos on bongos" comment. Totally made me laugh!

I've been spending an incredible amount of time across the river as of late ... between Jovi activities, seeing Slippery When Wet and just hanging out with friends. Made me think ... maybe I should move over there?

re: the end of the clip ... written by "that grouchy old guy from California" ... and sung that night by that cranky young guy from New Jersey ... LOL

I will admit Jon Bon Jovi had the right to be a little annoyed that night. It was a long frickin' evening. There were technical difficulties up the wazoo. I remember at one point Jon got this horrible feedback in his earpiece that nearly blew his head apart. (All together now ... "OBIE!!!" ... LOL) And guys (Michele?), correct me if I'm wrong ... but I remember Richie doing Stranger in This Town at one point to give Jon a break??? Its a shame all that stuff didn't make it to the broadcast version.

In any case, probably not likely I'll move to Jersey anytime soon ... I'm too much of a city girl. I guess I'll just have to get used to the train rides ... me and my i-Pod on a Saturday night ... ;-)