Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That's Why I Keep Coming Back ...

So, sitting at my computer this morning on what seems like day number 56,793,546,271,736 of my frickin' job search, I was listening to WPLJ.

I usually don't listen to the radio because of the sad state of the playlists ... I mean, seriously I can take a little David Cook and Coldplay, but EVERY OTHER song ...?! Is that really necessary?

Anyway, I was shocked out of my job listing coma by the opening bars of "Always." I stopped mid-email and just sat and listened. Closing my eyes, I could almost see it in my head .. Jon singing his guts out, the mic lean, the emotion.

At that moment, I remembered again why I love this band and Jon Bon Jovi, in particular. Its been hard to remember that lately with all the silliness that has been swirling around the fan club, etc. If you don't realize how silly things have been, kindly read FM's post yesterday about Bon Jovi merchandise - seriously, y'all the funniest thing I have read in a while. Must get me some of those Russian Wobble Dolls! LOL

In any case, I urge you to go back and listen to some of your favorite Jovi songs, it will excite you all over again.

.....but now back to reality, David Cook .... AGAIN ...