Sunday, December 7, 2008

GIANTS Win the Division!

So, I joined a bunch of people downtown at the Mad Hatter Saloon to watch the Giants/Eagles game. It was a great venue and we all had a wonderful time ... well, except for the whole football game part. It was just painful ... Hixon should have caught that ball. Talk about shooting yourself in the leg ... sorry, that was bad. ;-)

BUT ... THANK YOU, PITTSBURGH (who would have ever thought I would say that?!) With the incredible come-from-behind win to beat Dallas, my beloved New York Football Giants win the division. Woo hoo!

And in celebration of the Steelers helping us out ... here's a nice picture of HRH (Jon Bon Jovi) in a Pittsburgh jersey. [This is from the Have A Nice Day summer stadium tour.]

P.S. And talking about surprise comeback victories ... hey Hath .. how 'bout them Patriots!?