Monday, December 15, 2008

Philadelphia Soul ... oh how I loved thee!

This is going to be a bit long and rambly, so just stay with me ...

Well, it became official today with the announcement of the cancellation of the 2009 AFL season. After all the speculation last week, I am disappointed but not surprised at this course of action.

Of course the question by many a Bon Jovi fan was about whether the celebration/concert would still take place. Well, rumors are still swirling about that ... so its a wait-and-see. But, in reality, I don't even care about that so much anymore.

My biggest concern is what about the staff and the players whose livelihoods have just been pulled out from under them? As someone who has been on the job search for months now, I know first-hand what a difficult market this is. So, I care about Jason, Steve, Liam, Heather, Mark, Sara, Matt, Tyler and all the staff that busted their butts -- and who, regardless of the level of exhaustion or frustration, always put a positive take on whatever obstacle or fire that would come up.

And to the players, so many of whom became more than just guys on a field, but guys in our communities and in our hearts: they can never take the championship away from you.

So, before I wrap this up ... just thought I'd take a moment to relive some of the better Soul times.

There is NOTHING like beating Dallas ... in the old, sweaty Spectrum on a stormy night. It was electric!

Can't beat a guy who can play both sides of the ball, start a new charity initiative AND has a good sense of humor. Gotta love Mike Brown!

And who could forget that impromptu celebration in the parking lot!? Now, THAT was amazing!

Well, Coach, we got our trophy and its ours until someone wins it away from us!

PLEASE NOTE, I understand that the League is hoping to return in 2010. And if they do, I will be there. But for right now ... we are left with only hopes.