Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year in Review

A new year makes you think back over the happenings of the last year. And what a year it was!!

OF COURSE it's all about Bon Jovi. So, the top 5 highlights ...? (in no particular order)

1. Meeting up with my great German friends in Chicago and then Philadelphia (with a little pilgrimage to a particular condo building ... LOL). I'm counting the days til you get here in February!

2. A weekend of awesome shows, the best frickin' pizza ever and laughter with Fiction Mistress, Goddess Hathor and Willow.

3. Grabbing Jon's leg while in the pit in Vegas to let him know that the Soul won the game and were 7-0. (Sorry, Jonny, I know I scared you there for a minute...but it was good news, huh!?) And, we all know how the season ended!

4. Jon seeing my sign in Central Park and reacting (thanks Willow for capturing that on film!) Poor guy saw it at every concert I attended ... that was 21 times. Oyyy!

5. Obie trying to "save the day" when we couldn't get the concert broadcast into the Wachovia Center after hours of trying. I will always remember him pulling out his phone and waking Rew up just to try to help me.

There were a lot of other great moments centered around the Soul (wahhhhh), Jovi friends, great music and lots of smiles.

May 2009 bring all of you what you wish for! Now, off to have a little champagne!