Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

That was my brother lost in the rubble,
That was my sister lost in the crush,
That was our mothers,
Those were our children,
That was our fathers,
That was each of us.

Bon Jovi - Bounce

I can still remember like it was yesterday. It was the most gorgeous New York day. The sky was so incredibly blue. Today is actually eerily similar.

I remember that as I got off the subway at Columbus Circle, there was an announcement of no service south of Houston due to a police investigation.

I remember the uncertainty in our administrative assistant's voice as his father, working at One Police Plaza, abruptly ended their phone conversation with the news of the second plane.

I remember sitting at my desk in the office completely numb as we heard of the towers falling.

I remember calling every friend and colleague that I knew worked in or near the World Trade Center.

I remember going out to get a sandwich and Seventh Avenue being completely silent ... then the sound of a plane overhead, low and loud, and the quick moment of fear that flashed across people's eyes.

I remember the collective sigh of relief as we saw it was one of "ours" ... they had started military fly-overs.

I remember my boss wouldn't let us go home. I now realize that was probably the best thing he could have done. At least we were all together.

I remember opening the door to our office and seeing our administrative assistant's father in his uniform, covered head to toe in soot, standing at the door ... a look of exhaustion and profound sadness in his eyes.

I remember sitting on the subway going home and the incredible sense of connection between this random group of strangers.

I remember the funerals.

I remember.