Monday, September 15, 2008

MMQ - Week 2 (part 1)

Greetings friends! I am taking coffee intravenously trying to wake up after watching 10 hours of football yesterday. See ... the pain I go thru just for this blog ... LOL

So ...where do we even start with MMQ? (for those non-football people, that stands for Monday Morning Quarterback)

By far, the game of the day to talk about is ... believe it or not .. Denver vs San Diego. OMG - the last two minutes were like an arena game - complete with bad officiating (you are sure to hear more on that once we hit Soul season...) In any case, so the blown call. The two-point conversion. The almost successful "hail Mary" pass. Dang!

The hardest hit of football this weekend wasn't on the field ... it was on the sidelines. If you have a weak stomach, don't watch the video of Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis getting taken out on Saturday during the game against Michigan. Result? Torn ACL and MCL ... now he and his buddy Tom Brady can get a group discount on a physical therapist.

So, my beloved Yankees are not going to make the post-season. That stinks particularly because I'd like to have a reason to watch TBS ... of course, its a Jovi thing ...

New Bon Jovi Baseball Video

How great that they used footage from the Central Park concert in July. Mistress, Willow and Hath ... yes, I have watched it repeatedly trying to see us.

So .. how'd I do ... more on that later ...