Monday, September 22, 2008


The radio saved my life tonight
The old song that the DJ played
Made me feel alright...

Driving down that lonesome highway
Just me and my dashboard light
The radio saved my life tonight.

The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Bon Jovi

Sirius Radio announced that there will be an AC/DC channel .. yep, those crazy guys 24/7. Now, I have nothing against the Aussie rock powerhouse, but when-oh-when will we get Bon Jovi radio?!

(For those who aren't already aware, there is a great internet radio station out of Poland that does probably 90% Jovi ... they do play some wonderful rare and live tracks ... you can find them here .. simply click on the speaker icon on the right side under where you see Always-BJ Radio)

We need Sirius to step up and create a station for the boys ... so here's your chance to allow your voice to be heard ...