Monday, September 22, 2008

My Music Monday

People are always surprised that I'm a classically trained musician, considering the music I tend to listen to and the concerts I attend. So, I thought I'd take Mondays to focus on some of the music that has shaped my life and continues to inspire and excite me. And, surprise surprise, it is not ALL Bon Jovi - though today's album does actually have a Jovi connection (more on that later.)

You were standing at the station
That rainy night I left

You looked so fine, baby
I couldn't catch my breath.

Once I started running,
I never asked the cost.
Too many years and miles
To find out what I'd lost.
Some things can't be bought.

Everybody's colder now
lt's everywhere I go
I'm getting tired of living
In a world that's got no soul.

Coming Back

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
Often referred to as the Grandfather of the "New Jersey sound", Southside Johnny has been a staple in my listening library for longer than I can remember. What makes this band so great ... a few things -- the songs are timeless, Southside's voice and that horn section. I love Southside's voice ... its that "been around the block - seen it all" roughness that gets me. And I must repeat THAT HORN SECTION. Oh what I would give to play bari sax in that band!!

It is no surprise that Jon Bon Jovi was so influenced by SSJ and you can see it in Jon's performances - not imitation, but certainly influence. I highly recommend seeing the Jukes if they are performing in your area. Lots of energy. A little craziness and a sound you won't forget.

SSJ's "Better Days" album is one of my all-time favorites as well as "Reach Up and Touch the Sky" which has live tracks of all the classic Jukes tunes. For you Jovinuts, Jon makes an appearance on two tracks on "Better Days" including singing harmony on the absolutely fantastic "Soul's on Fire."

After three decades, the band is still doing shows and making records. Southside is just as crusty as ever (it really is part of his charm) and the musicians in the band are of incredible quality (maybe that's why Jon keeps stealing them ... LOL.)

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