Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Great Treat!

Happy Tuesday to you, my friends.

Sorry I was M.I.A. there for a couple of days. Hope all of you here in the States had a good Fourth of July weekend. I, myself, went down the Jersey shore for some sun, surf, sand ... and, of course, Bon Jovi.

I met up with a couple of girlfriends to go see Slippery When Wet, our fave Jovi tribute band. I have extolled their virtues before, but they were really on fire Saturday night. Great setlist, great energy and there's nothing like being at a gig where you can just walk outside and bury your toes in the sand. :-)

The highlight of the night was their absolutely ROCKING version of Homebound Train. Seriously, they played the heck out of it (tho, sorry Mike if I made you laugh while trying to blow that wooden whistle ...LOL.) Once again, I highly recommend if you are in the tri-state area, you should check them out.

Made me think .. geez, what would we give to be able to hear Bon Jovi play some of those tracks from New Jersey and Slippery? Without Love? 99 in the Shade? Social Disease? (the last two of which I have also heard SWW do ... see?! ... you should go see them!)

Hmmm...I can't even remember it was I last heard Homebound Train ... could it possibly be back in 88/89 ...?

And, what is the likelihood we'll get THIS to ever happen again ...

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