Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You. Period.

Note: this may be a bit long and rambling and esoteric ... blame it on the meds! (and my love of James Joyce)

Hi there Jovifriends. I have missed you all.

I am not quite back to normal (whatever that may be!) but I do feel well enough to get to the computer (damn, I really need a laptop) and do a blog post.

Not sure I'm quite ready to tackle my e-mail yet.

Why, you ask? Because all of you ROCK! I am so incredibly touched by the number of messages - on my cell, to my e-mail, thru Twitter and here on this blog.

Okay - first things, first. I must publicly thank the absolutely incomparable Fiction Mistress for serving as "communications director" during this past week. May you all have the opportunity someday to meet her in person. FM, you are a force of nature and truly one-of-a-kind. I love you dearly.

Thru FM's Twitters, most of you know how everything went down - from arriving at the hospital, thru the scans, thru the surgery and all the drama and complications afterwards with the anesthesia, etc. It was quite a couple of days.

I must say, though ... you don't get much rest in a hospital for they keep coming around to ask you the same questions over and over again. And, yes, its true...I did try to convince the nurse that it was 1986 and Jon Bon Jovi was the President. Thank goodness this surgery wasn't a year ago because when asked who the President is, it would have been more than the meds that would have made me feel sick. LOL

Anyway ... I know y'all have been waiting for the new poll ... and I promise that will be posted soon. But, as usually is the case here, I wanted to post a video today.

Sure, I could have done "Something for the Pain" (right now I highly recommend Percocet. LOL) or something from my beloved Bounce record. (By the way, I can't believe how many of you played that song last Wednesday. And B. in Germany, 150 times?!? Did you have it on constant repeat?!? I really hope you don't hate that song now. LOL)

But, instead this song has been going thru my head. And I love this particular performance - partially, because I experienced it - but mostly because its just so moving. Perhaps this whole ordeal has made me somewhat schmaltzy (how do you spell that?!) but challenges like this can make you question a lot of things. In the end, don't we all just need something to believe in?

P.S. So, I ventured outside this morning to get some coffee (FINALLY!) ... and lo and behold what do I find on the sidewalk? One of those cardboard fans advertising David Bryan's new show "Memphis." Though bending over to pick it up less than a week after brain surgery was "interesting" I did manage to snag it. Oh ... and if you haven't purchased tickets to the show yet, do so NOW. I'm serious. This is a Tony Award-winner in the making.